15 Trending Diamond Pendants In India (2022)

A Brief History Of Diamond Pendants

Diamond pendants and necklaces are among the most alluring jewelry in the world. When you select the perfect pendant for your outfit – it easily makes you noticeable and stands out from everyone.

You know you can easily change your woman’s mood by gifting her any accessories. And giving her a pendant is surely a good way to start. Things are sure to go positively with a diamond necklaces set on her neck.

Curious to know about the origin of this piece of jewelry? Let us briefly describe you so you can get a good idea about the magnificent world of women’s jewelry.

In ancient times, the most important women of the tribe used to wear a pendant around their necks. These decorations were generally hand-made by cave dwellers. The cave dwellers wore a claw or fang of an animal killed by them around their neck as a symbol of a warrior or a hunter. Even in ancient times, some 25,000 years ago, pendants played the role of an amulet or a talisman.

In ancient times, pendants were manufactured from wood, shells, stones, and animal organs. In the stone age, one mostly used them to bring good luck, gain success in hunting, and reflect on their place in society.

Egyptian jewelers used precious stones such as gold and silver to make pendants. In ancient Egypt, they were worn as a symbol of power and to ward off evil spirits.

Thus, you can see that the pendant trend has been going on for centuries. They make up one of the most popular gifts for women to shower them with all the love and affection that she deserves.

Trending Diamond Pendant Designs That Will Blow Your Mind!

Stefee jewels has an amazing collection of pendants that you will absolutely adore. Let us check out some of our favorite designs from our collection.

Blue Evil Eye Pendant

You can protect yourself from evil eyes with these sophisticated lab grown diamond pendants, that are cost-effective and good for the environment. The alluring design of this pendant set adds that perfect tone of feminine accent to any style while amping up your look with its refined appeal. This beautiful piece of jewelry is studded with 19 diamonds and is available in metal tones of rose, yellow, and white gold.

Blue Evil Eye Diamond Pendant


Classic Cross Pendant

This sophisticated cross pendant design is a beautiful way to celebrate your faith. It is studded with the best quality 11-round diamonds and is available in yellow, white, and rose gold metal hues. Anyone can easily carry this jewelry daily as it is timeless and worth every penny.

Classic Cross Diamond Pendant

Elephant Designer Pendant

This unique designer diamond pendant set is perfect for any traditional wear or when you want to stand out from the crowd. As the name suggests, the pendant is shaped like an elephant and studded with 20 high-quality lab-grown diamonds. Elephants are usually associated with power, success, and good luck. Thus, they are the perfect accessory to gift your loved ones.

Flying Bird Pendant

The flying bird pendant looks like a bird waiting to fly high and explore the world through her own eyes. The piece of accessory is made with 24 diamonds and is perfect for gifting someone with some kind of achievement or wishing good luck!

Geometric Pendant

The unique shape of this pendant is quite eye-catching and striking. The beautiful circle set inside the distinguished design is studded with 7 beautiful round diamonds that elevate the pendant’s entire look.

Hamsa Pendant

The hamsa diamond pendant is generally worn to protect oneself from evil. You can spot celebrities like Jennifer Aniston wearing this kind of pendant. It is studded with 39 diamonds and is beautifully crafted in metal tones of yellow, rose, and white gold.

Hamsa Pendant

Heart Diamond Pendants

This beautiful heart pendant is studded with 83 tiny diamonds and will be a daily reminder of your love, care, and affection for your lady love!

Key Pendant

The captivating key pendant studded with 23 lab grown diamonds India is often given on the 21st birthday. The key symbolizes freedom and wishing for a bright future in the coming years. This jewelry piece’s symbolic meaning makes it a perfect gift for some achievement and accomplishment.

Mini Circle Pendant  

The mini circle pendant is a fashionable choice for everyday wear and takes inspiration from curves, soft edges, and organic shapes. It is made from 25 diamonds curated in the most enchanting way possible. The pendant is perfect for everyday wear or even your workwear. This piece of jewelry’s brilliant fire and shine will definitely add that touch of aura and class to your otherwise boring and drab look.

Mixed Cluster Pendant

The radiance and fire of our superlative diamonds have inspired us to curate this mixed cluster pendant. Five diamonds are bejeweled in this pendant, providing it with the elegant simplicity it needs to become perfect jewelry for day and evening.

Open Circle Pendant

A gleaming and brilliant addition to your jewelry collection, our open circle small diamond pendant features a ring of sparkling stones – all set-in metal tones of yellow, white, and rose gold.

Open Heart Diamond Pendant

This pendant is often linked with passion, adoration, and love. Made with beautiful 44 diamonds, for many people, it often symbolizes receiving the love and affection of the pendant giver. Basically, it means they are accepting the proposal of the giver for a committed relationship. It is available in yellow, white, and rose metal tones and has a gross weight of 1.446.

Open Star Pendant

The beautiful personalized design of the open star pendant is perfect for everyday wear. It has all the right elements of a contemporary and fun design mostly chosen by the millennials of the era. It appears modern, fashionable, and chic. The 43 diamonds studded in this pendant amplify the look of the jewelry, thus making it a perfect gift for your best friend’s or girlfriend’s birthday or when you want to surprise someone special. It can be worn with all kinds of dresses without exaggerating your look and thus maintaining the balance of your entire outfit.

Princess Butterfly Pendant 

You can seize pure innocence and radiance with this princess butterfly pendant that links the renaissance of womanhood with the sparkle of a free spirit. This alluring and charming pendant is the very epitome of grace and beauty and is fit for a princess like you. The butterfly of this pendant often represents transformation and rebirth, thus making it one of our best sellers. The design of this jewelry is made of 32 diamonds having a clarity grade of VS.

Solitaire Emerald Pendant

The captivating emerald-cut diamond stone is perfect for an evening look. It will provide the extra layer of charm and elegance that you need to rock that beautiful gown. This big diamond pendant design is made of a single large stone diamond. The simple and minimalistic design of the solitaire pendant makes it a perfect piece of jewelry for someone who is not looking for something extravagant yet wants to make a grand statement.

Stefee jewels also provide you with other popular pendant designs such as Letters alphabet pendant, solitaire marquise pendant, solitaire oval pendant, and many more. Our designs are all trendy, charming, and made with the best quality lab made diamond. You can go and check out our website to purchase from the trendiest collection of pendants today.