Just as glowing and gleaming as their nature-made equivalent, lab grown diamond rings have become a favorite choice among brides and for the people of India,and they have every reason to have that. Lab grown diamond rings are obtainable in every shape and size that one can imagine, but they are also budget-friendly and will not burn a hole in your pocket. Lab grown diamond jewelry is free from any conflict and grown sustainable in an eco-friendly environment, so you will not feel guilty that your diamonds are coming from a place that is destroying the environment.

What Makes Lab Grown Diamond Rings A Great Alternative To Mined Diamonds?

As evident from the very word, lab grown diamond rings are made in laboratories. (No surprises there!). lab grown diamond jewelry is made in laboratories using advanced technology in an environment that replicates the growing process of naturally mined diamonds. Brittany Bozmoski Kohnke explains that diamond rings for women made in laboratories have identical physical, chemical, and optical features. They are composed of carbon and graded by the same 4C standards as mined diamonds. However, unlike naturally mined diamonds, lab grown diamond rings take only a few weeks to form. One more perk? Many lab grown diamond manufacturers in India offer a wide variety of lab grown diamond rings that you can customize as per your choice, making it very easy to have the ring of your dreams!

From classic solitaire designs to more contemporary settings and vintage cuts, go and have a read of this blog to find out the latest trending designs in lab grown diamond rings.

5- Stone Round Vows Design

An exquisite design of diamond jewelry with five round-cut diamonds comes together to create the engagement ring’s elegant, alluring, and breath-taking design. The setting of the five stones together in a very delicate and graceful setting features a very narrow band. This setting perfectly showcases the band of precious stones while complimenting and flattering your finger.

The metal type of 5-Stone Round Vows is 14KT Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold. The clarity of the diamond ring is VS, and the color is G to I. The weight of the lab grown diamond is 1.00.

Pear Shaped With Round Clustered Diamonds Design

Lab grown diamond rings in pear shape are a classic and timeless design. The shape of pear shaped rings resembles a teardrop that elongates one’s finger when wearing it. The elongation resemblance gives a more flattering look to the Diamond Engagement Rings For Every Bride. Another perk? A pear shaped lab grown diamond ring appears bigger per carat than other shapes of diamond rings. This spectacular design from Stefee jewels features an elegant band and round clustered diamonds for extra shine and glimmer.

The metal type of pear shaped with a round clustered diamond ring is 14KT Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold. The lab-grown diamond ring’s clarity is VS, and the color is G to I. The weight of the diamond ring is 0.05.

Circle Of Life Ring Design

While at first, the design of this diamond ring will appear very clean and classic, it is the details that make the ring very alluring and beautiful. Lab grown diamond rings are made with intricate details and extreme sincerity. The design of the stones in circle form ensures that it catches light from every angle, and it looks gorgeous and glows to make you stand out in the crowd. The design of the circle of life ring is quite exemplary and timeless. If you are someone who likes minimalistic yet wants to make a statement, this ring is perfect for you.

The metal type of circle of life ring is 14KT Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold. The clarity of the diamond ring is VS, and the color is G to I. The weight of the diamond ring is 0.14.

Tiny Trio Diamond Ring Design

If traditional lab grown diamond ring designs have bored you, you should try our new design with a bypass band. The swirl design of your diamond ring will add movement to your design. Apart from adding movement, the swirl design will highlight your trio center stone very beautifully. The tiny trio diamond ring is something unusual and unique in its design and will give you an exemplary design. The trio stone with its swirl ring design is perfect for someone who likes to try out new things and is bored with traditional lab-grown diamond ring designs.

The metal type of tiny trio diamond ring is 14KT Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold. The clarity of this design is VS, and the color is on a scale of G to I. The weight of this lab grown diamond is 0.06.

Complimenting Flowers Diamond Ring Design

Complimenting flowers diamond ring is something new we have introduced at Stefee jewels. The design of this ring is distinctive and special. The trio of the center stone with its petal like design beautifully complements the entire design of the ring. The petals and the center stone do not overpower each other, and the resultant design is very alluring and spectacular. Embrace this beautiful lab-grown diamond ring design if you want to experiment and look breath-taking.

This diamond rings metal type is 14KT Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold. The clarity of complimenting flowers diamond ring is VS, and the color is on the scale of G to I. The weight of the ring is 0.36.

lab grown diamond engagement rings are the new rising trend of 2022. They are cost-effective, sustainable, and look very beautiful and amazing. Lab grown diamond rings are similar to mined diamonds in every way. There is no difference between lab grown diamond rings and mined diamonds other than their place of origin. Lab grown diamond rings give a very sophisticated, modern, and contemporary look. Go and purchase from our collection of Styling Tips For Your Diamond Earrings today!