Anniversary Ring Traditions: What To Gift Every Year

Anniversary Diamond Rings: What To Give And How To Choose One

Buying a new piece of jewelry, especially diamond rings is an amazing way to celebrate a special milestone for every relationship. Anniversary diamond rings are, in particular, a very popular yet trendy way to show love and affection towards one another. Staying together in a ship of life is not always an easy task. So many clashes, compromises, and lots and lots of love build a beautiful romantic relationship of a married couple. But, of course, marriage is a lifelong commitment and a blissful blessing. Just Married or married for years, it’s a bond held together by joy, love, and through thick and thin along the journey with your other half.

Every year spent together with your partner embarks a golden phase in your life. With each year, your relationship with your spouse becomes stronger, and you fall in love with them even more. The wedding anniversary day symbolizes the partners’ forever journey, which is why celebrating the anniversary day needs to be grand. So, when you are planning for your wedding anniversary, finding the list of gifts for your partner is a brilliant way to shower happiness on their faces and make them feel special.

There is nothing more beautiful than a couple’s commitment to each other through marriage. On a special day such as an anniversary, acknowledge the love shared and have made it through every good and bad time. This year, don’t end your wedding anniversary celebration just by cutting a cake and with a dinner date. There is a lot more than a date to end your big day.

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The Anniversary Ring: What Is It?

Is your wedding anniversary approaching soon? Are you struggling to find the perfect anniversary gift for your partner to make them feel warm and happy? Take a break this year from the hassles and worries to find the best gift ideas for your beloved because we have got your back, and we will help you sort your work with ease. You are at the right place if your anniversary is fast approaching and you are on a hunt to find the best for your loved one. Also, you might be wondering how to best honour the celebration. For example, buying anniversary diamond rings for women is a special way to end your day on a memorable note and cherish it for the rest of your life.

There are often a lot of jewels and jewelry involved in marriage. Undoubtedly, there are simple engagement rings to classic wedding bands, but then what is an anniversary ring?

An anniversary ring is a symbol of a milestone marriage and is generally a band with multi diamonds or gemstones, called anniversary diamond rings. It is a way to signify the love and commitment you share between the two. Based on the completion of a milestone, anniversary diamond rings are typically gifted on the wedding anniversary day. The anniversary ring can also be stacked with your engagement and wedding rings.

The perfect anniversary ring is the one that speaks in its designs and states remarkable moments that you, as a couple, went through. All in all, it aims to combine the feelings and experiences that you have collected altogether during your married life and continue.

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What Is The Best Time To Give An Anniversary Diamond Rings?

There is no prefixed set of rules regarding the style of your ring. Anniversary diamond rings or eternity bands serve as an occasion to celebrate your love and commitment to one another now and many more years ahead. Although it is practised through the years that the best dates to celebrate an anniversary are when you pass on milestones such as 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 25 years of marriage, and so on.

In the modern era today, it is so common to celebrate the special day of the year with an anniversary ring any time you feel convenient and comfortable. Because gifting jewelry has no limitations, and there are no particular regulations established so far. Nowadays, most couples opt to commemorate their major anniversaries with the best diamond rings or couple diamond rings.

When searching for an anniversary ring, think about what is vital to you as a couple? Because jewelry should always be reflective of the person wearing it.

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The Yearly Milestones: Anniversary Rings

 There have been traditions throughout our generations regarding the type of anniversary rings you should gift your other half. It is believed that each anniversary is associated with a different type of gemstone, from gold and sapphire to diamonds and much more. So, let’s briefly look at anniversary diamond rings by the yearly milestone.

One year of togetherness with Gold

Experts say it is traditional to exchange gold diamond rings for the completion of 1 year by the newlyweds. The first year of marriage is filled with happiness and a feeling of togetherness till eternity, so classic gold is always recommended. Although basically, anniversary rings are gifted to women, most couples today choose to mark their anniversary with matching couple bands.

5th Anniversary with Sapphire

Traditional gemstone of the fifth wedding anniversary is sapphire which historically embarks on truth and loyalty. Also, they are considered September birthstones that can protect your body from poisoning and fill your mind with open-heartedness. Gifting a sapphire for an anniversary can mean willingness to restore harmony and peace in partners. Sapphire anniversary rings are solid and quite appealing though you can pair them with the latest diamond ring collection to make it classier.

10th year with sparkling diamonds

Prized for their excellent sparkle and worthier hardness, diamonds are the most sought-after anniversary diamond rings. Ten years of marriage calls for a diamond ring to celebrate the moment. Although diamonds can be celebrated at any moment of your life, never limit yourself to the idea of only 10 years of anniversary rings. Gifting diamond solitaire rings would be a great choice to give your ladylove the happiness she deserves. The diamond rings suit perfectly well for any occasion, making them the ideal gemstone ever. There is a wide range of alternatives available in the diamond market today apart from natural diamonds, such as lab grown diamond rings, also called lab made diamond rings. Lab grown diamonds are perfect to opt for as they are highly durable and look similar to mined diamonds yet are within our means.

15th Anniversary with Ruby

Ruby has been considered the most accurate symbol of love and passion in the relationship. 15 years of togetherness is a milestone occasion that must be celebrated grandly. So many people today, especially most couples, opt for classic ruby with the best lab grown diamond rings to create a rare and beautiful combination.

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Anniversary Rings: What To Look For

The first and foremost point is to design a ring that represents the unique bond you share– whether it’s for the 10th anniversary or a 30th-anniversary ring for your partner. A wedding anniversary is a wonderful day that promises love, wonderful memories, and anticipation for many more years to come. So, let’s dive into the factors to look for when buying anniversary diamond rings:

  • Always consider taking your other half with you when shopping for anniversary rings because surprises sometimes may not work as thought. By shopping together, you will be able to find the best alternative, whether you are just shopping for your partner or looking for something in a couple.
  • If not shopping together, always pay attention to her adapting style because you might not know the intricate details about the sort of statement jewelry your wife might love. However, you should at least be aware of her overall style so that it might help you find the perfect piece of jewelry for her.
  • Purchasing an anniversary ring for your wife is a strong way to shower your love and affection, but be aware of getting caught up in the selection process that you slip into focusing on its meaning. Your aim is not just to buy a sparkling ring but to make your partner feel special, important, desirable, and safe in your love. If you aren’t confident about your decision to find a suitable ring your beloved will like, it may be more convenient to bring her along and let her choose for herself.
  • Another factor is whether you want your anniversary ring to be the same style as your engagement and wedding ring. Again, the factor depends on personal taste from person to person because some opt for the same metal base type as their engagement and wedding band, while others want to opt for something different.

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