celebrating sustainable choices of lab grown diamonds jewelry

Lab Grown Diamonds Jewelry – Celebration Of The Eco-Friendly Alternative

Why Are Lab Diamonds Considered A Sustainable Option?

It is a well-known fact that we face a severe environmental crisis today. The emergence of the pandemic is proof of our dysfunctional relationship with nature. Thus, to prevent putting further unnecessary pressure on the environment, one should avoid practices such as mining. And that is where Lab Grown diamonds jewelry comes into action!

The process of extracting natural diamonds from the earth negatively impacts nature. Added to air, water, and soil pollution, it also causes deforestation and groundwater contamination. Lab Grown diamonds were initially used only in industries when it was first introduced. However, with the advancement in technology, there was a reduction in the cost of growing diamonds in Labs. Thus, Lab Grown Diamonds are now used studded in jewelry as well. So much so that in the financial year 2022, the highest amount of export of gemstones was Lab Grown Diamond jewelry. So you can say that the trend of Lab made diamonds is taking pace in the Indian and International markets. Stefee Jewels is offering you Lab Grown Diamonds jewelry in various categories. We have lab grown diamond rings, Lab Grown diamond bracelets, and several others!

Lab Diamond jewelry does not pollute or degrade the environment. One can avoid deforestation and ecological pollution by using Lab created diamonds and playing their part in being a responsible citizen. The quality and authenticity of natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds are identical, and thus you will have no problem deciding between them. Lab diamonds are available at a much lesser price. But it’s not like you are investing your money in some fake product! Lab Grown diamonds jewelry is as real as natural mined diamonds. In fact, you will need a professional gemologist to help you make out the difference between lab diamond jewelry and natural mined jewelry.

How Sustainable Are Lab Grown Diamonds Jewelry?

Since Lab diamond jewelry is grown in laboratories, they eliminate the need for heavy extraction and mining processes from under the earth. Since millennial customers are now more into buying environmental-friendly products, Lab Grown diamonds jewelry has become an ideal and sustainable choice.

When you buy one-carat worth of Lab made jewelry, you save:

  • One hundred nine gallons of water from being wasted.
  • 5 billion times the emission of carbon that happens per carat.
  • Two hundred fifty tonnes of land from being disrupted.
  • At least 50% of your investment in diamond jewelry.

When 150 million carats of a diamond are extracted from the earth each year –

  • It destroys 16.3 billion gallons of water
  • 5 billion tonnes of land get disrupted

Increasing Demand For Eco-Friendly Lab Grown Diamonds Jewelry

The global crisis that we faced during the last two years has affected every sphere of our lives. The recovery process from the ill effects of the pandemic is expected to be slow. When people face a crisis in their lives, they naturally first cut down on luxurious products. Cutting down on luxury goods will naturally impact the gem and diamond industry. The pandemic has changed our entire mindset and several of our behavioral patterns. Thus, one can expect a change in the buying patterns of diamond jewelry as well. A study conducted by Bain & Co suggests that the main trends in consumer behavior are likely to be:

Increased Consciousness Regarding The Environment – consumers are more likely to support sustainable goods and be more bent on purchasing them.

Aesthetics Is As Vital As Ethics – brands who communicate their core values and beliefs effectively will be embraced more. A brand needs to stand up for more ethical practices if it wants to get accepted by its consumers.

Luxury Brands Need To Re-Consider Their Prices – brands charging more for their luxury goods need to re-evaluate their prices to remain affordable.

Lab Grow diamonds jewelry is the perfect choice for today’s era when the above points are considered. Diamonds will still be mined from the earth, but they will exhaust at one point in time. The scarcity that is caused due to the exhaustion of mined diamonds will increase its price drastically. That is when Lab Grown diamonds jewelry will help you satisfy your wants at an affordable price. Also, you will be doing all this without harming the environment even a little bit. You fulfill your responsibility towards the environment and your mother earth.

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The New Symbol Of Love Is The Sustainable Lab Made Diamond 

To tackle the growing concerns that emerged from the ongoing pandemic, millennials and the young generations are alert to their purchases. The world is growing more acquainted with the benefits of Lab Grown diamonds jewelry. These sustainable and eco-friendly gemstones are becoming the new symbol of love and commitment among customers who wish to build a brighter future for their upcoming generations.

Lab Grown diamonds jewelry is unique because they are made of 100% carbon when grown through the CVD process. Growing diamonds through Carbon Vapor Deposition is predominantly done in countries such as India, the USA, Singapore, and Japan. CVD diamonds are free of nitrogen and are 100% made of carbon. Do you know an interesting fact? Only 2% of the world’s naturally mined diamonds are made of pure carbon. However, every CVD diamond is made of carbon and devoid of nitrogen.

Apart from the purity, one of the most important benefits when buying Lab Grown diamonds jewelry is the price. Since they do not need any conventional mining process, the cost of production of Lab diamonds reduces to a great extent. Thus, it provides a great appeal to price-conscious customers. The era is more about sustainability and eco-friendliness. Come and celebrate the sustainable choices of Lab Grown diamonds jewelry with Stefee Jewels today!