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There is a saying, “Diamonds are girls’ best friends,” which is a fact.

According to men, those little shiny objects have always become a great gifting option. Women loved wearing them. All in all, diamonds have always been a happy memory for many. Many women love adorning jewelry that is in trend during a particular season. And right now, one such trending piece of the eyepiece of play is lab-grown diamond necklacesWhat do lab-grown diamonds mean? Well, we are going to know more about it in this article. If you always want to Trending Jewelrythen make sure to read this article completely.

What is meant by lab-grown diamonds? 

First things first, let us understand the meaning of lab-grown diamonds. So, what do you know about diamonds, from where are they extracted? Mines, right! Yes, diamonds are extracted from the ground and are made into some beautiful jewelry.

However, lab-grown diamonds are, as per their name, made in the lab only. They are manufactured and not extracted from the earth. However, they need a seed to grow. These diamonds are made under machinery by using some extreme pressure on them. The best thing about this is that these diamonds test positive on a diamond meter. Their appearance and aesthetics are completely similar and will last forever, just like a real diamond.

These diamonds are available at least 30% less cost than regular diamonds. The formation of these diamonds will be less environmental impact than the regular mining of diamonds. This is another reason to opt for lab-grown diamonds.

Is lab-grown diamond jewelry in trend? 

When did diamonds go out of trend ever? Diamonds are always in trend no matter which decade or time it is. However, they have been pricey, and not many can afford them. But the times and situations changed for good.

Now, with these manufactured diamonds available, people can easily get their hands on the latest lab grown diamond jewelry at affordable pricing. If you compare the pricing of usual diamonds and manufactured ones, you will observe the difference. You can save around 20-30% with this manufactured option.

They indeed come at affordable pricing and are also widely available worldwide. If we consider all these factors, there is no wonder that Trending Jewelry is in trend right now. Most women love how these diamonds look completely like the ones that are mined and are adorning them.

Natural diamonds are rare; there is no doubt in that but does it even really matter when the manufactured diamonds are similar to the natural ones and are available at a great price.

Now let us talk about some of these lab grown diamond jewelry that is in trend right now.

Diamond Necklace

Diamond necklaces have always been a great go-to option irrespective of the outfit. These necklaces can be paired with a traditional saree or a nightgown. If the necklace has a simple design, you can also pair it with your office wear. They are the best in the segment and go with almost every women’s attire. They are never going out of Trending Jewelry, and get yourself some without delay.

Diamond Bracelet

A beautiful bracelet will give your hand the most elegant and prettiest look ever. The diamonds are beautifully placed around the chain, making your hand look the best. These bracelets are great for a casual outing or a night party and are perfectly set for office wear. They are one of the great options that you can check out. Moreover, these bracelets are available at quite affordable prices for you.


Diamond Earrings

There is nothing that will complement those beautiful ears of yours other than diamonds. These diamonds will give a completely aesthetic look to your face that will make you shine through.

Diamond earrings come in different shapes and sizes. You can go with the small hoops or the large hangings; every one of them will give your face a great look at the end. If you plan to purchase your first diamond jewelry, then look no more. Diamond rings can be the perfect first purchase.


Diamond Rings

How can the article feel complete without talking about diamond rings? Planning to propose to your girlfriend, or do you want to gift her something pretty as a memory, then think no more. lab grown diamond rings always make a great gifting option for men out there. Just make sure that you got her finger size right, and you can gift her a memory that will last for her lifetime.

There can be different types of Trending Jewelry, but these four are the classic diamond jewelry present in every woman’s wardrobe.