Which Diamond Rings To Choose For Your Partner?

Confused About The Choice Of Your Partner?

Diamond rings! Ah! The very name of diamond rings can bring a smile to any girl’s face. The exquisite, refined, and brilliant shine of rings made of diamonds can make any girl go gala for them. Every movie or magazine that we have ever read has inculcated in our minds that diamonds are the very epitome of romance. And it should be! Have you seen the charm and radiance emitted by diamond rings? They are the very symbol of commitment, trust, and respect that you feel for your beloved girlfriend.

The thought of cost seems to fly out of the window whenever the word ‘diamond’ is mentioned. There is an accepted notion that you practically have to empty your wallet if you want to purchase the ‘perfect’ diamond engagement ring. However, this is not the case anymore. It is now time to throw out the age-old notions and accept the new trends of the market. It is now time to buy lab grown diamond bracelets. Do you know the export of polished Lab Grown diamonds increased by 108% in 2021-22? The trend of Lab made diamonds is increasing at a never-seen pace. They are just as durable, shiny, authentic, and available at a lesser price than naturally extracted diamonds from the earth’s crust.

When planning for the perfect proposal, the very first thing that pops into your mind is the kind of ring you want to select for your partner. We understand your confusion and thus have come up with the perfect solution for you. Every girl is different, and so are their choices. The choices will also differ based on the type of profession of your girlfriend. Read on till the end of the blog and decide the type of diamond ring that you should select for your girlfriend.

Choose Diamond Rings Based On Her Career

There are various considerations that you should take into account before deciding which diamond engagement ring is for your girl. Besides the 4Cs, the type of career she is pursuing also influences your decision-making.

 Let us explore some of these career choices and the type of ring that will be perfect accordingly –


For people working in real estate, finance, sales, or other professional fields, their status is really important for them. They want to appear and present themselves as successful and rich. For such professional fields, solitaire diamond rings will be an appropriate choice. The simple design of the ring with a large center stone looks very refined, poised, and sophisticated.

If she is in the creative industry, you should select lab grown diamond rings with a unique design. The distinguished and exemplary ring design will help her become a trendsetter in her field. Also, people working in creative fields love to stand out from the crowd as fashion is really important for them. Do not be afraid to choose rings with a blinding glow as long as the design is alluring and graceful.

Working With Hands

If your girlfriend is in an industry where she has to work with her hands, such as a chef, you should carefully choose an engagement ring. The ideal ring for such professions is a band with a smooth surface. Rings with complex designs and details will trap debris and dirt. One should avoid halo or pave-set diamonds or anything engraved, custom-finishing, or the addition of diamonds. It would be best to avoid rings with large or upraised diamonds since it will become very difficult to wear gloves. You can choose a bezel set engagement ring for your hardworking partner who wants to keep their ring shiny and radiant despite the obstacles.

Careers Involving High Risk

Careers that involve high risks, such as firefighters or police officers, need to select rings that do not interfere with your girlfriend’s job. Big diamond rings can be very distracting in this line of work. Avoid selecting rings that have huge center stones. Try to select more discreet diamond rings. However, if you still want to select a big engagement ring, avoid wearing it in your workplace and stick to a plain simple band. You can choose diamond rings with a prong setting for your partner if she is in a risky job. The prong setting will provide extra protection to the ring.


A caretaker works as a teacher, daycare worker, or even a doctor or nurse. All these professions require people to work in very close proximity to each other. They are very hands-on work. Thus, if your girlfriend is in this profession, diamond rings with a bezel setting are perfect for her.

There are no sharp edges in a bezel setting that could hurt any individual working with her. Beautiful diamonds are studded in the metal band of the ring. You should avoid choosing a prong-setting if your girlfriend is a caretaker since it can scratch against the people you care for.

Desk Or Machinery Jobs

If your girlfriend is in a desk job or spends a lot of time in front of the computer, you have the freedom to choose any ring you want for her! You have the flexibility to choose any ring ranging from solitaire to pear-shaped and much more. However, there might be limitations in choosing diamond rings if she works with machinery.

If your partner has to operate machinery at her work, then it is best if you choose engagement rings with a tension, bezel, or channel setting. This setting gives extra protection to diamonds, and thus she does not have to worry about knocking off her Diamond by hitting on machinery.

Choosing diamond rings based on your partner’s profession is essential. We want you to choose everything perfect and extraordinary for your partner. Take these tips into consideration when choosing the ideal engagement ring for your lady!