Complete Guide About Round Tennis Bracelet

Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet – A Comprehensive Guide

Being a costly purchase, the idea of buying the perfect diamond tennis bracelet can be intimidating. Be it on a Tennis court or a red-carpet event; these diamond tennis bracelets are stapled jewelry that easily blends in with the flow. Totally stylish, sophisticated, and timeless, tennis lab grown diamond bracelets are worth preserving as an heirloom.

If you are searching to add a touch of bling to your all everyday casuals, tennis bracelets can be a great alternative to do it. Many think of tennis diamonds as a “special festive wear” statement piece, but that is not the reality. Keeping it classic will never go out of style, and that is what tennis diamonds speak for themselves. They are timeless and evergreen designs of diamond bracelets that will go with any outfit, day or night.

A tennis bracelet comprises small diamonds connected by a slim, precious metal chain. They are beautiful pieces of jewelry often given at weddings, birthdays, and memorable moments such as graduation day, childbirth, job promotions, and much more. Buying a tennis diamond for yourself or your loved ones is always a special event. Our guide will help you learn everything you need about the iconic tennis diamonds.

Origin Of The Name Tennis Bracelets

Originally the bracelet was called a line diamond bracelet. The name originated from the US Open in 1987, where Chris Evert, a professional tennis player, lost her diamond bracelet during a match tournament. The player Evert also asked the match officials to halt a match to search for her lost bracelet until one found it. Meanwhile, during an ongoing game, all the spectators and television viewers watched the search. The line diamond bracelet obtained a new name from there on and also caught public attention, especially jewelers who were overwhelmed with requests for tennis bracelets. The fastening of bracelets has been strengthened ever since to prevent the incident of losing a bracelet happen again. Also, that woman’s diamond tennis bracelet has been fashionable forever.

Tennis Bracelet And Setting Styles

The most popular tennis diamond bracelet designs contain a loop of diamonds with a minimal setting style. Although many think of them as a cluster of round-cut diamonds with simple styling, this is just one of a kind. Styles of bracelets vary from designing to structuring. Most designs contain a one-row chain or cluster of diamonds; some bracelets have two or three rows of diamonds.

Usually, tennis bracelets are designed based on round-cut diamonds for people who prefer to express individuality with timeless designs. But that is not an end to the styles of tennis diamonds for the woman who likes to express herself with more intricate designs because there are numerous styles to choose from in the collection apart from the classic round-cut. Whether you opt for a classic design or elegant, exquisite details, these sophisticated bracelets will surely complement any of your wardrobe outfits.

Though diamonds play a vital role in the inner beauty of a diamond line bracelet and high-end quality. Diamond cuts and setting styles form a key part of our tennis lab grown diamond guide. There are 3 alternative bracelet settings: channel, prongs, and the case, also called the bezel. Each alternative has a different style to securely hold up the diamond while offering a new and unique look. Moreover, there is nothing like the term best bracelet design because the design you choose from the vast collection totally depends on a personal preference.

A prong setting

two or more prongs are wrapped around the crown of a diamond to make it hold its place. It is called a claw setting because it minimizes the volume of metal used, focusing on more light to pass through a diamond. Most advisable is the four-prong setting for certain cuts with delicate corners.

Channel setting

Diamonds are placed between vertical metal walls, creating a smooth passage. In this conventional setting, gemstones are situated side by side with no metal.

Case or bezel setting

In this setting, a diamond is surrounded by a metal brim girdle to hold it in a place securely. It is more like a dramatic setting, giving an illusion of a larger gemstone.

Choosing The Right Size For The Bracelet

The idea of choosing a size of diamond bracelet for women, a couple of bracelet sets, or personalized bracelets is that they fit neatly around the wrist so that the intricate design of the diamond line looks elegant and beautiful. Diamond bracelets are not supposed to be oversized, too tight on the wrist, or too loose to kill the overall look of the bracelet.

Generally, choosing the size of the tennis bracelet is not as important as deciding on a ring size because bracelets are often easily adjusted by removing some links to shorten the chain. Although to find the perfect and accurate size for a diamond tennis bracelet, you need to measure the wrist using a piece of string, or a ribbon, then adds 1 to 2 centimetres to your total measurement to figure the actual bracelet size. For example, if your wrist size measures 5 inches, always consider a 6 or 7-inch bracelet.

It is less important to measure the exact perfect fit of a diamond tennis bracelet than for lab grown diamond engagement ring or other types of lab grown diamond jewelry.

We at Stefee Jewels recommend opting for a diamond size that complements your wrist. You should always consider your preferences or if you have confusion regarding the measurement and sizes, let our expert team of craftsmen help you out with it.

Taking Care Of Your Tennis Bracelet

Not only with the diamond line bracelets but with all the jewelry, the best way to take good care of it is to have regular service every few years. You can also clean your bracelet at home to maintain the sparkle by following some tips such as using soap and warm water or a mild jewelry cleaner mix, dipping the bracelet in that soapy water to dislodge the dirt. You can take the help of a soft toothbrush to clean the film of dirt on the surface. Later, rinse and let the bracelet flat dry.

Also, much care is needed when taking a shower with your tennis bracelet on your wrist because it can result in a soapy texture leaving a film on the diamonds, reducing their brilliance and making them sparkle a little less than normal, giving a considerate dull look. So, it is best advised and recommendable to remove your bracelet in the shower area while having a bath.

Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet Vs Natural Diamond

  • Lab grown diamond line bracelets and natural diamond bracelets look exactly similar in sparkle and brilliance when factors like clarity, color, cut, and carat weight is considered.
  • Lab diamond bracelets are much more cost-effective than natural diamonds because the diamond is made in the laboratory, reducing the high cost of mining and resourcing.
  • Due to lab grown diamond bracelets being more affordable than natural diamonds, a benefit of choosing lab diamonds could be that you can get a bracelet with a higher carat weight.

Tennis Bracelets: How To Shop For One

From a lot of diamond bracelet designs to choose from, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed when buying an eternity bracelet, also called a diamond line bracelet. Let’s start with a few pointers that you should focus on when purchasing a tennis bracelet:

Choose metal and diamond appropriately – when choosing a diamond bracelet for ladies, one of the major components to look into is quality, including the diamond and the metal chosen. Opt for something that suits your persona and consider the bracelet’s quality.

Price – Ladies diamond bracelet options vary from design to design. We always suggest you start looking for a bracelet with a budget in mind that will help you stay focused on certain factors to get you the unique diamond bracelet design.

Size – Jewelry experts say the bracelet should be as big as it can loosely fit on your wrist, meeting your hand. Though your jeweler can still adjust the bracelet size if needed. Insert your fingers between the bracelet while putting it on your wrist; if you can do it easily without the bracelet feeling tight, that is a perfect size.

Diamond line bracelets are stunning pieces of statement jewelry often given on special occasions or brought for yourself. Available in various ranges of different colors and patterns to choose from, shopping for a diamond bracelet for ladies can be a little overwhelming. But do not worry because we have your back, and our expert team will help you cherry-pick the perfect bracelet that matches your persona from endless options.