Diamond engagement rings – keep its sparkle alive

What makes your rings dirty?

When they are freshly cut and polished, Diamond rings emit bling like no other. Nothing is more fascinating than seeing your Diamond engagement rings shining and keeping their sparkle forever. However, it requires work and effort to maintain that shine and bling. It is normal for a ring to have layers of dirt and debris settled on the surface of the ring. You always have the option to take your Diamond engagement rings to a jeweler to clean them. But it is nice to know that you have the option to clean them at your home as well!

Daily wear and tear forms a coating of debris, oil, and cosmetic residue on the surface of engagement rings for women. Uncleaned rings are a breeding place for bacteria. It can cause a lot of harm to your skin and stone, including skin irritation, scratching of the stone, and discoloration of the metals. Thus, it is in your best personal interest to keep your Diamond engagement rings clean and free of germs. But you cannot replace professional upkeep with home cleaning. While you can restore the sparkle of engagement rings at home, you need the help of an expert jeweler to remove strong layers of compressed dirt.

The best kind of jewelry cleaner at home is simple dishwasher soap. Whatever additional supplies are needed to clean your lab grown diamond engagement rings  can be found at your home. Supplies such as a bowl, hot water, gentle cotton cloth, and a soft-bristle toothbrush are available. Keep in mind that one should always avoid using harsh household cleaners and sanitizers. The harsh chemicals will do more harm to your engagement rings. Thus, it is vital to use soft cleaners that are not harsh on the gemstone surface. Let’s explore how you can keep your rings clean!

Cleaning Diamond engagement rings at home

Cosmetics such as lotion, makeup, perfume, or hairspray can make your engagement rings very dirty. So if your ring looks dirty due to the constant use of such common cosmetics, you can easily restore its shine and sparkle at home! The most common and best way to clean your Diamond engagement rings is by using hot water with dishwashing soap. Soak your rings in the dishwashing solution for about 20 to 40 minutes. Gently clean the stone with a soft toothbrush and then wash it under hot running water. If needed, repeat the entire process to restore your engagement rings’ brilliant shine and sparkle.

PRO TIP – You can use shampoo or body wash in place of dish soap. But whatever you are selecting to clean your simple engagement rings, make sure it is not something moisturizing.

Products that provide moisturization leave a layer of film on the ring. And we are exactly trying to avoid this. When trying to dry your ring, avoid using paper towels. The Paper towel leaves a scratch on the metal surface. Instead, try using a soft cotton cloth to dry off your Diamond engagement rings after the cleaning process.

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Do you need to clean your ring often?

The best way to maintain the shine and radiance of your Diamond engagement rings is to clean them once a week. Once a week is enough to keep away the everyday oil and buildup on your vintage engagement rings. Remember to take your ring to a jeweler twice a year for their clean-up. If your rings are exposed more to a high level of debris, at least take it three to four times a year to a jeweler. If someone is a very outdoorsy person or spends a lot of time in the kitchen, a hard layer of compacted dirt or oil settles on the stone. A professional jeweler can only clean the compacted layer of oil and dirt to restore the brilliant radiance of your Diamond engagement rings. If you do not want to take your ring to a jeweler often, try avoiding wearing it during outdoor activities.

Cleaning Diamond engagement rings: What Not to Do

Besides losing its brilliant lustre and shine, the only other worse thing that can happen to a ring is that it becomes damaged due to improper care. You should avoid using chlorine, acetone, or bleach while cleaning your ring. Usage of such harsh chemicals can break down some of the base metals present in your Diamond engagement rings. Also, abrasive products such as baking soda, toothpaste, or powdered cleaners can scratch the metal’s surface, especially gold.

How to Professionally Clean Your Diamond engagement rings

There is a good chance that you get professional cleaning as a lifetime complimentary benefit if you purchase it from a local jeweler. However, it is best to clean your ring from where you have purchased that particular ring. The jeweler has a complete idea about all the intricate details of the ring and thus will clean your ring without damaging it. If you are looking for a new place, speak with the jeweler who will perform the cleaning service. It would be best if you look for an individual who has an experience in the cleaning metal your engagement ring is made of.

It is very easy to take proper care of your Diamond engagement rings. You can easily maintain its radiance through an easy cleaning procedure at home. If you want to avoid frequently visiting the jeweler, try not to wear your ring for outside activities. However, keep one thing in mind – avoid using Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaners at home. Ultrasonic machines send vibrations in the water and clean the jewelry within a few minutes. But all the movement that happens due to the vibrations in the water causes gemstones to fall out of the machine. Thus, always take the help of a jeweler for some deep cleaning of your ring. Lab grown diamond earrings are very precious for any woman. Thus, take proper care of it to last forever and ever!