Diamond Rings – An Eternal Token Of Love

Why Are Diamond Rings So Symbolic?

Love is beautiful and precious. Every individual needs someone in their life who they can trust and share their life with. No individual can live in solitude. It sometimes becomes essential to express one’s feelings and emotions. According to popular Greek mythology, Cupid, the God of love, had his arrow studded with diamonds. Two people can come together through his diamond arrow. This popular mythology led to the popularity of Diamonds Rings.

Diamonds are very popular for their durability and indestructible nature. Likewise, Lab Grown Diamonds are as amazing and durable but are more cost-effective and within your range. While people do not believe in Cupid and his magic arrow today, diamond rings and their popularity will not fade away anytime soon. Rings made of diamonds are the most beautiful and romantic way to express your love. Diamonds are ever-lasting, and so is your love for your beloved. Everything is changing, and so are the ways of expressing love for your partner. People nowadays are using different mediums, such as updating their status on Facebook, to express their commitment and emotions. But nothing is as romantic and wholesome as gifting her diamond rings.

Lab grown diamond rings are as important as video games are for men. So, you get the idea now. They are a crucial part of a women’s wardrobe. She can rock any outfit and will look like her most beautiful self. They also are the perfect gift for your loved ones or when you want to make yourself happy by gifting yourself something luxurious. And the best news? Lab Grown Diamond Rings are less expensive than natural diamonds and will not burn a hole in your pocket. So, I guess you now know what to gift your girlfriend the next time you have confusion about gift ideas!

A Brief Introduction To Lab Grown Diamond Rings

As the name suggests, Lab Grown Diamond Rings consisting of pure carbon are made in laboratories. Lab Grown stones are similar to natural diamonds in chemical and optical properties. However, Lab Diamonds are not identical to moissanite or cubic zirconia. Diamonds grown in Labs do not fade, get cloudy, or change color. Lab stones form in the same way natural diamonds form in nature. Thus, they exhibit the same properties and attributes as natural diamonds. Lab Diamond Rings are graded on a similar scale as natural diamonds. Independent gemological organizations such as IGI, GCAL, or GIA, grade both Lab Grown and natural similarly.

Trending Designs In Diamond Rings

Oval Cut Rings

The oval cut ring has a brilliant round and elongated appeal. It gives a sleek and modern look. People are now preferring the oval cut rings over brilliant round cut rings. Oval rings make diamonds appear larger. They will make your women appear dainty and elegant since they make short fingers appear elongated. Oval cut and round cut rings appear similar in many ways. You can see a brilliant type of faceting structure in both cuts. It has the power to light up any room instantly. If you plan to customize your ring by adding side stones to the metal band, you should go for a wider oval stone.

Three-Stone Rings

Many jewelers try to blend various stones into the ring together, but none of them became as popular as three-stone rings. One central stone and two slightly smaller stones on either side of the center stone in the three-stone rings. It is more symbolic and holds more value than lab grown diamond earrings. This ring’s three stones stand for the past, present, and future. For many couples, it also means friendship, love, and fidelity. You can give these precious three-stone diamond rings to your girlfriend if you want your gift to have some meaning and value.

Emerald Cut Ring

The emerald cut of the ring exhibits an elongated, chiseled step cut, rectangular shape with straight linear facets. The straight linear facets are usually studded parallelly down the stone. The long step cuts of the emerald ring help give off abundant reflections of white and colored light. They are more well-known in a rectangle shape but are available in square shape. The biggest advantage? Emerald cut stones give an illusion of a bigger diamond in the same carat compared to other cuts.

Toi Et Moi Ring

Want to express your love and commitment in the most romantic way possible? Toi Et Moi Rings are your perfect solution. The unique design of this ring is made for couples who plan on spending their life together. The ring consists of a spiral band with stones studded on both bands. Toi Et Moi Rings have recently gained much attention and have become the favorite trend in 2022. So if your beloved partner prefers something distinguished and always wants to remain in trend, Toi Et Moi is your go-to solution. The design of this ring adds an aura of charm, sophistication, and grace.

Pear-Shaped Ring

The spectacular tear-shaped design of the pear cut is making a comeback this year. It appears gorgeous and alluring. The design of pear-cut Diamond rings is eye-catching and timeless. And the added benefit? Pear-cut rings always seem to shine a bit more than other cuts. It will also flatter a girl’s look by elongating her finger. Pear cut rings were inspired by the marquis’ shape and had, over the years, customized and changed as per the trends of the market. You can say that pear-shaped rings are a mixture of marquise and oval shapes.

Deciding to gift Diamond Rings to your girlfriend is probably one of the best decisions of your life. They will bring a shine to your partner’s face and make her feel the luckiest! Stefee Jewels is offering you rings in various cuts and shapes. Our distinguished and amazing collection of diamond rings will spoil you with choices. Please go and check out our collection today!