Guide To Diamond Engagement Rings For Every Bride

Diamond Engagement Rings – The Ultimate Guide For Every New Bride

The journey of finding the perfect life partner is unique for every couple. No two-story can be similar. The same is the story while choosing Diamond Engagement Rings for your partner. The journey to find the perfect engagement ring for your partner is a highly personal decision influenced by various factors. It would be best if you took into account considerations such as the taste of your bride, your budget, and your knowledge about engagement rings.

Choosing “the one” engagement ring depends on whether you know exactly what you want or are just starting from scratch. However, no matter where you are on the spectrum, our ultimate guide to bride engagement rings has every possible information for you.

We will give you the required knowledge about the 4C’s of diamond that determines the price and the quality of most Lab grown Diamond Engagement Rings. The meaning behind the gemstones such as sapphires and emeralds and how one can measure the ring size at home. So without any further ado, let us dive deep into this informative blog!

Understanding The 4C’s Of Diamond Engagement Rings 

The 4C’s of diamond, namely cut, color, carat, and clarity of your engagement ring, are very important as it decides the quality of your ring. Let us learn each of these components in-depth:


The cut of your Diamond Engagement Rings is the only component not influenced by nature and is considered one of the most important among the 4C. The cut of the rings for engagement focuses on the diamond’s cut and not on its size or shape. It also determines how well the gemstone will interact with light, deciding how bright and radiant your stone will be. As per the system in GIA, diamond cuts are graded on the scale of Excellent, Good, Very Good, Fair, and Poor.


Lab grown diamond rings are color graded on the scale of D-Z. The D scale is completely colorless, while Z has a light yellow hue. A standard diamond quality falls between the grade D-J. The cut of your Diamond Engagement Rings also influences the gemstone’s color. For instance, a brilliant round cut hides color instantly, whereas radiant or oval shapes reveal color much easier.


The carat for women’s engagement rings reveals the gemstone’s actual weight. As per the GIA, one carat is equal to 0.2 grams. Well, I don’t think I have to mention that the larger the carat weight, the more expensive your engagement ring will be. However, Lab grown diamonds are cost-effective, and thus you can purchase a bigger carat diamond at a much lesser price.


The clarity of your Diamond Engagement Rings includes several imperfections known as inclusions. The GIA grades the clarity of your engagement ring on a scale of Flawless (FL) to Included (I). It is all about how perfect and transparent your diamond rings look to the naked eye. Even if your couple engagement rings come somewhere around Flawless or Very Very Slightly Included (VVS), your gemstone will look gorgeous and perfect.

What Are The Popular Diamond Engagement Rings Shape?

Let us examine some of the popular Lab grown Diamond Engagement ring shapes you could choose for your bride. While the Round-cut ring is the most popular choice, we have selected some of our other favorite cuts –

Princess Cut

Every girl wants to feel like a queen on her proposal day. Enter the legendary princess cut, another popular cut in engagement rings. It is versatile in appearance. You will get a classic, geometrical look while maintaining the brilliant radiance and sparkle at a much lesser cost than round-cut diamonds.

Cushion Cut

The exquisite cushion cut is often compared to a pillow, thanks to its square-cut and round corner combination. The distinguished cut of the unique engagement rings first originated in the 18th century and was a very popular cut in the 19th century. Diamond Engagement Rings in cushion cut are again back in trend and, I guess, are here to stay due to their vintage and glamorous look.

Emerald Cut

Diamond Engagement Rings in Emerald cut have more of an understated sparkle! Some people like to call this cut a “hall of mirrors.” The characteristics of an emerald cut often feature a rectangular step cut, cropped corners, and an open table. The angular lines and the long silhouette catch the diamond’s clarity while dramatically seizing the light. The emerald cut makes the fingers look slender and perfect and thus are perfect for engagement ring selfies.

Oval Cut

The oval-cut Diamond Engagement Rings are basically an elongated version of a round diamond. It has as many facets as a brilliant round cut, giving it the capacity to shine and sparkle as much as it does. The oval cut is an elegant and extraordinary choice, while its oblong shape can give the illusion of an elongated finger. However, if this shape is not cut properly, it may provide an illusion of a “bowtie” effect, just like a marquise stone. The best engagement rings in the oval cut look perfect and precious and are the most popular trend among brides.

Radiant Cut

Giving justice to its name, the radiant-cut Diamond Engagement Rings seizes the light in a big way. First invented by Henry Grossbard in 1977, the radiant cut mimics the emerald-cut stone. But the deep cut and the unique facets of this unique cut provide extra sparkle and bling to the engagement ring. The stone’s timeless nature and bespoke spirit are appreciated by brides who don’t want to stray away from classic shapes.

Select An Ideal Metal For Your Partner

Stefee Jewels offers you Diamond Engagement Rings in metal tones of yellow, rose, and white gold. Try opting for a metal color that best complements your partner’s style.

Yellow gold is the most popular metal choice for engagement rings. If you are looking to give something traditional and safe, yellow gold is the best option for you. It is made with a combination of copper, pure gold, and zinc.

White gold is made with a combination of metals and pure gold, such as palladium, silver, and nickel. It emits a gorgeous and elegant shine of white color. The stunning color of white gold greatly complements rosy and fair skin tones as well as gives off a modern and stylish appearance. It particularly looks beautiful with white, transparent stones.

Rose gold is composed of a mixture of copper and silver and has a gorgeous rosy hue in its appearance. The biggest benefit of buying rose gold Diamond Engagement Rings is their brilliant rosy color, high durability, and cost-effective price.

How To Take Care Of Your Diamond Engagement Rings Metal?

Here are some general tips that you can use to take care of your engagement rings metal:

  • Use white vinegar to soak your ring overnight or in a small amount of dish soap to soften the build-up in the ring.
  • Utilize a soft toothbrush while cleaning the top as well as the underneath of your ring.
  • You should invest your money in jewelry polishing clothes to avoid making your rings look dull.
  • Avoid wearing your ring in places having harsh chemicals or during swimming.

How Do You Determine The Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings Shape?

Some people like to involve their partner in the Diamond Engagement Rings selection, while some still want to maintain the element of surprise. But if you have no idea about your partner’s ring size, do not freak out. It is always a good idea to involve someone close to your proposal plan. You can ask your fiancée’s mother or friend to help you decide about the ring. Or you can ask them to bring a photo in which her finger is visible. The picture can give you some idea about the size of her finger.

You can always try to guess her ring size through her current ring, but no two fingers are of the same size. Some people do not even start wearing a ring on their ring finger until they are engaged. What you can do is you can guess the best possible estimate of her ring size. The ring should go inside her finger as you will spoil your proposal if it turns out to be too small. You can bring back your ring to the jeweler for resizing.

Our Favorite Diamond Engagement Rings Collection

Stefee Jewels offers you a gorgeous and stunning engagement rings collection for you to choose from for your fiancée. Our engagement ring collection’s simple and minimalistic design will woo your girl and soothe her soul. Our favorite designs include Double Halo Ring and the Solitaire Engagement Ring. They are both classy and glamorous in appearance.

Lab grown diamonds are the newest trends in the diamond industry. It has increased its market share over the last couple of years and is thus here to stay to capture the whole market. Shop from our latest collection of Lab grown diamond rings, which are gorgeous, elegant, stunning, and absolutely fabulous.