Guide To Modern Engagement Ring Ideas

Engagement Ring – Latest Trends To Look Out For

First thing first – Congratulations on saying yes!

It is all about excitement, from finding the perfect way to propose to looking for the best engagement ring. While you may still be floating on clouds, we know you have loads of work to do, and we are here to help you make the most of your engagement. Before you start crossing things off your engagement planning checklist, you have surely got some daydreaming to do. Maybe, you have been planning your engagement and wedding your entire life, or maybe it never crossed your mind.

No matter which boat you are stuck in, we have your back and recommend starting with the first and foremost step, which would help you nail down things on an easier note. Apart from all the other engagement planning, choosing the perfect and ideal modern engagement ring would be a nostalgic yet intimidating task to carry out. Whether you are in full-on shopping mode or just wondering about the jewelry market, some of the biggest modern engagement ring styles are worth a closer look.

You would always want your engagement ring to endure, just like your marriage. Although, the ring trends change year by year. Trends come and go with the years passing by, but obviously, you do not have to stick with what fashion recites. Knowing the latest trendsetters can help you guide your decisions about leaning toward your perfect lab grown diamond rings.

Jewelry has always been the shortest path to a girl’s heart, especially with an engagement ring. Whether you shop with your partner or leave it in the hands of your partner, an engagement ring should last a lifetime.

How Important Is A Ring For An Engagement Ceremony?

Wearing an engagement ring heads back to an age-old long tradition that followed through ancient times. Only the essence of wearing an engagement ring has changed from ancient times, wherein it was a sign that the bride had received a dowry, to today, where it is more like a romantic symbol between the couples. The ring is the backbone of a relationship that stands for the promise of marriage, love, devotion, and lifelong commitment to each other.

The ring exchanged during an engagement will never go out of fashion because people tend to stick to traditions passed on through generations, especially when the ritual is a magical moment creator that one can cherish for life. Historically, the engagement ring finger was believed to have a direct connection to the heart. Therefore, it proves to be a universal sign of eternal love, faithfulness, and infinity.

Modern couples choose to customize their rings to fill personal symbolism that narrates their unique relationship. For example, some may opt for a traditional birthstone or includes a Celtic design, or some may engrave words to represent one’s personal relationship better. One can consider Numerous other trends for your lifetime investment in a ring for your engagement. Consider following different ways to capture the beauty while remaining unique to your persona.

Let’s explore some major shifts in the most popular modern engagement ring designs to help you choose your style.

Multi-Shape Half Band

Let’s Discover Popular Trends For An Ideal Engagement Ring

Gender Neutral Rings

Gender-neutral ring designs are gaining popularity in the coming years. As much as we love a solitaire engagement ring or a delicate band, there is nothing more as timeless as classic as gender-fluid rings. There are such stunning ring collections available in the market that is perfect for both the lady love and the main man in your life.

While dainty and feminine rings are still in trend, more women these days prefer to gravitate towards a bolder choice and bulky styles that are more often related to men’s vogue. The engagement and wedding rings are more about celebrating the love of all kinds, whether through relationships or even the ornaments we wear; one should have the freedom to convey ourselves in a way that feels correct.

Eternity Band Rings

The term eternity band rings are more like an after-engagement thing but surely a trendsetter to consider these days. You can match your proposal ring with an eternity band to get some extra charm. They prove to be wonderful gift ideas for your beloved as they symbolize everlasting love. The difference between a normal ring and an eternity band is it usually has small diamonds embarked throughout the ring rather than one large center stone. Styling multiple bands with different designs on the same finger is a new jewelry buzz in the market today.

3-Row Exquisite Band

Sustainable Diamond Rings

Although natural diamonds have existed for decades, lab-grown diamonds have grown tremendously in popularity in the diamond industry today. Lab grown diamond engagement rings have been in demand for couples that are more concerned about the environment. However, the violent history of real diamond mining and its impact on local communities has spread awareness among people. That is why many have opted for lab grown diamond rings that are conflict-free and cost-effective in nature.

Lab grown diamond rings give you all the features that a traditional diamond gives. No wonder they are among the top trends in the jewel industry that are the very image of grace and style.

Colored Diamond Rings

Not always does everyone have an eye on the classic white diamond ring. Colored diamond rings are the new classics in today’s market. Though classic white diamond will always be in people’s minds when purchasing a ring. If you want to try experimenting with something less traditional but more playful, you should surely consider colored diamond rings.

Colored diamonds also come in various styles and patterns that the consumer’s value for the intensity and playfulness they offer. If you want to add some extra bling to your ring or if you wish to emphasize your colorful persona, diamonds in nonconventional colors shall be the best choice.

Diamond Ring

Gemstones, Apart From Diamonds

Today’s world is all about experimenting with unique things and wanting to own things that don’t belong to anyone. People are leaning towards novelty rather than opting for classics that everybody has or is thinking about. One such novel rings are the rings that are made from gemstones apart from diamonds. Gemstone rings have become one of the coolest yet experimental trends among people, especially couples.

Apart from diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are among the most popular favorites for standing out from the crowd. These gemstones are new hype in the market having their moment, allowing couples to choose something bright and bold to dictate their love relationship.

Wedding accessories in this era saw a lot of shifts from the traditional colors. For instance, colored bridal lenghas has been observed in much demand recently. Thus it does make sense that the jewelry industry would also see a rise in the selling of colored diamonds and different gemstones as their center stone for the rings to coordinate their overall look and feel.

Solitaire 0.75 ct. Engagement Ring

Hidden Halo Rings

It is true that the more budget you have, the more and more features you get as an add-on. The theory of budget applies to the jewelry segment as well. One such feature that has gained popularity these days is hidden halos. What can you ask for more luxury than an intimate halo of diamonds, enhancing and empowering the center stone? The hidden halo is the true ring that dictates wealth and luxury.

Halo setting rings are quite popular as they add bling and elegance to your persona and give an illusion of a center diamond looking bigger and bolder. Halo settings usually focus on micro pave detailing, or you can say they are an exquisite version of conventional solitaire diamond rings.

Double Halo Ring

Customized Detail Rings

Nowadays, couples want their engagement ring to symbolize something more than their union. They prefer to have their rings in such a way that signifies the personality of their beloved as well as some essence of themselves to make it more personal. Your engagement ring shows your relationship and is a constant reminder of your love and commitment to eternity, so it is fine to get creative with your ring and go for customization if need be. In the end, only you know your love story and your beloved better than anyone.

An engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it is more like a sentiment attached to your better half. The ring speaks of an unsaid promise to forever spend the life together through thick and thin all their life. Make sure you always decide on the trendiest yet meaningful engagement ring for your partner that beautifully expresses your relationship. Let Stefee Jewels help you find the perfect fit with our range of designs and collections.