The world is changing, and so are we. We are the future of our earth, and therefore it is our responsibility to make more responsible choices. Traditional diamonds were formed three billion years ago. After being subjected to extreme heat and pressure, carbon dioxide squeezed into diamond form and was mined out from the earth. Mining depletes our natural resources and puts unnecessary pressure on labor and mining. Lab grown diamonds are a more responsible and sustainable choice when compared to traditionally mined diamonds. Steffejewels offer you an affordable yet beautiful and radiant collection of Diamond Engagement Rings .

Here are 10 reasons why you should choose a lab grown diamond engagement ring for your dream proposal

Our Diamond Engagement Rings Are Exquisite

Our lab grown diamond engagement rings are similar to traditionally mined diamonds. Our lab grown diamond engagement rings are made of natural carbons inside. The 4 C’s determine the quality of a diamond, namely cut, color, clarity, and carat weight is similar in both lab made and real diamonds. It becomes almost difficult to distinguish between them because of its similarity. Our man-made diamond engagement rings are made with extreme care and precision to provide you with the most perfect and polished diamond engagement rings.

Our Collection Of Diamond Engagement Rings For Women Is Very Distinctive

Both lab grown diamonds and real diamonds have similar physical and chemical properties. However, no two diamonds are precisely similar in every respect. Lab grown diamond engagement rings are manufactured in labs that mimic the atmosphere inside the earth’s crust. Therefore there are always some fluctuations in every diamond produced in labs because of the unique conditions in which they are made. The unique condition makes your diamond engagement rings unique and distinctive from the mass diamonds produced in labs.

Customize Your Diamond Engagement Rings At Stefee Jewels

At stefee jewels, we understand that you are a unique person, and you deserve everything perfect and distinctive. We will help you get your dream diamond engagement rings since we offer customization of your rings. Our collection also includes diamond couple rings for engagement. Diamond engagement rings are something that a woman will wear for the rest of her life. At stefee jewels, we offer you lab grown diamond rings designs that will match your vision and dreams and help you get your perfect dream proposal.

Gift, Your Lady Love The Ring Of Her Dreams

Our diamond engagement rings are a dream come true for every girl. So if you want to make your special someone feel like a million bucks, you know what to gift her the next time. Engagement day is the start of your happily ever after, and you surely want to start it on a good note. Our collection of diamond engagement rings for women has something for everyone. At stefee jewels, we ensure that every woman’s expectations and desires are fulfilled when choosing something important as diamond engagement rings.

Lab Grown Diamonds Are The Future Of Jewelry

Traditionally mined diamonds took billions of years to form. The cost of mining and labor increased the cost of diamonds. However, it is now possible for everyone to Choose Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry. Lab grown diamonds are an eco-friendly alternative that is more sustainable and ecologically sound. They are our future. The introduction of new technology and advancements has made it possible to fulfill your dream of buying engagement rings.

You Can Finally Afford Colored Diamond Rings

Colored diamonds are 10,000 times rare to find in nature than colorless diamonds. That makes up only 1% of the market. Therefore only influential people could afford colored diamonds to stud in their jewelry. With the introduction of lab grown diamond engagement rings for women, colored diamonds are now available at a much lesser price. When you add nitrogen, the diamond occurs orange; you get a purple diamond when adding baron. So you can now afford to buy colored engagement rings of diamond without breaking your budget.

Or Diamond Engagement Rings For Women Can Be Your Perfect Family Heirloom

A family heirloom is made during moments of joy and perfect memory. Our engagement rings diamonds collection is made with precision and intricacy that it becomes your perfect family heirloom. Our designs are radiant, exquisite, and charismatic. Our engagement rings are there for your generations to come.

Our Diamond Engagement Rings For Women Will Add Shine To Your Look

Our collection of engagement rings will add shine and radiance to your lady love’s wedding outfit. She is sure to hear a thousand compliments from everyone. She will preserve this ornament for the rest of her life and probably wear it with every outfit.

Lab Grown Diamonds Are Budget-Friendly And Within Your Means

our diamond engagement rings for women are inexpensive compared to traditionally mined diamonds. They are available at half a price and give you the same experience as a real diamond. There is practically no difference between a lab grown diamond and a real diamond. The only difference between them is their place of origin. Since they do not take millions of years to form in labs, they cut their costs. A lab grown diamond takes ten to fifteen days to form, depending on its color, shape, cut, etc. When no mining and labor is involved, the cost of diamonds drastically gets reduced and becomes budget-friendly for everyone.

Availability Of A Diversified Collection Of Diamond Rings

At Steffe jewels, we offer many varieties of diamond engagement rings for women. Our collection includes engagement rings diamonds in every shape, size, and price. It has something for every woman who wants to look at her most perfect self every day!