Lab Grown Diamond Rings Trends Taking Over 2021Searching for an engagement ring? Congrats on starting your next chapter! You may see an overwhelming amount of options available online and are not sure where to start. We have made a list of the best 2021 Lab Grown Diamond Rings you’ll treasure that for a lifetime to make your process easier. Go on to look at the popular designs, what makes them on trend for 2021 and why they should matter to your decision-making.

Every custom engagement ring that we offer is a lab-grown diamond ring, making your design a tiny part of a bigger future for our planet. We always begin by telling people that there are various ways to make sure your unique rings have a minimum impact on our earth; choosing a lab-grown diamond ring is just one of them.

This page describes everything you should know about these beautiful gemstones to help you design a ring that’s best for your love story.

Do people prefer lab-grown diamond rings?

“Since January last year, we’ve seen a notable change from 100 percent natural to about 50 percent of consumers buying lab diamond.  We think it’ll be more increase this year,” Shah says. He continues, As with any technology-focused business, there surely will be more efficiencies and control methods in the future that could advance the rate at which diamonds are made and also give more control over the quality of the diamonds. Still, only time will show how quick these advancements can be accomplished.”

Advantages of Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Because of how they are created, lab grown diamond rings are conflict-free and ethically sound. With increasing awareness of the destruction and human rights violations that are an issue with some diamond mines, many diligent couples are choosing alternatives to natural diamonds, and that’s how they find lab-grown diamonds. In addition, lab-grown diamonds are very environmentally friendly, and some cutters make sure that their diamonds are carbon-neutral in the process.

People go for lab-grown diamond engagement rings for many other reasons, also.   this allows people to size up to a bigger carat for their preferred shape. Additionally, people purchasing lab diamonds can have more modern tastes for the ring setting itself, that can have styles like the hidden halo, modern twist designs, and those where the metal of the ring is smooth,” Shah says. “Many couples also prefer the technological advancement of creating a lab-grown diamond and the quality of it as opposed to the regular natural diamond. The enthusiasm around being part of something different and innovative is something a couple can experience together.”

Scroll down to go through a wide range of lab grown diamond engagement rings.

Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Ring

According to GIA, Pink diamonds are unique and make up roughly 1 percent of diamond production globally. Pink diamond engagement rings have been found on the fingers of many stars.

This everlasting ring is created with clean and contemporary lines, expertly designed with a round pink diamond centre set into four slim prongs. Sharply modern with a romantic sensitivity.

5-Stone Round Vows

This Five Stone ring from a collection of lab-grown diamond rings truly embodies its name. It carries scintillating round brilliant diamonds adjacent in a 14k gold shared-prong setting that implicitly disappears amid the gemstones.

3-Row Exquisite Band

Sleek and modern, this lab-grown diamond ring shines like a nighttime city horizon. Three rows of dazzling diamonds present this ring as a stunning statement piece.

Signum Cross Ring

Expertly crafted and sharply modern, Signum Cross Ring from the lab-grown diamond rings collection is created in profoundly polished 14k gold and accompanied by 25 hand-set diamonds.

Round Cut diamond engagement ring

The plain band carrying a single circular stone in the middle usually dazzles one’s mind when speaking about engagement rings. If you seek that classic piece, here is one with an appealing gemstone shining from all sides.

This piece of beautiful jewelry is the best lab-grown diamond ring for those who prefer simplicity. Gift your women this classic yet candid ring and let it carry your thought of how sincere and uncomplicated you want your future to be. This enduring piece from the lab grown diamond rings collection has the three-prong setting carrying the gemstone-like how the petals guard the flower before it blooms.

Lab-Created Pear Diamond with Pavé 14K Gold Ring

This delicate piece from the lab grown diamond rings collection doesn’t lose bling. Handmade in India, the pear-shaped, lab-created diamond takes the center spotlight on a pavé band. The ring is displayed in white gold here but is also made in yellow or rose gold!

Chic Eternity Solitaire Ring

The Chic Eternity solitaire ring is a total charmer from the collection of lab-grown diamond rings that every woman craves with sparkling femininity and elegance. Set in 18 karats rose gold, you can wear this beautiful piece to any event to attract all the attention.

 Tiny Diamond Rings

Petite engagement rings won’t cost you a small fortune, and that’s a huge plus! We often talk about ways to make your  Tiny Diamond Rings look more prominent, bolder, more badass. We ever consider the other side of that coin very rarely; the woman who appreciates simplicity and reserve over megawatt bling.

Pear-shaped with round cluster diamonds

Capture the word of forever with Stefee’s Pear-Shaped Cluster Diamond Ring, highlighting round stones in the center, elegantly set in a pear-shaped frame. The outcome is a remarkable jewel of perfect dimension, proportion, and angles of reflection. The diamonds in this design seemingly sit in the frame. The Pear-Shaped Cluster Diamond Ring can be worn as either a fashion ring or an engagement ring.

Tiny Three Stone Lab Grown Diamond Ring

This setting is a classic which represents your past, present, and future. The center stone must be significant because it signifies your present, which should always be significant. Different combinations of round and fancy diamonds also give a fantastic appearance to this setting. If you need more detail about this diamond related then also visit Stefee Jewels.