The lab grown diamonds are man-made and they mirror the naturally mined ones. They are made through the application of the procedure of creating the natural gems, in the laboratory under controlled environmental conditions. As far as the natural gems are concerned, they are made upon exposure to intense heat and pressure in natural conditions. However, it takes an extremely long time for the creation of beautiful and captivating gems. You can get transformed from a simple to an extraordinary appearance with the help of the sparkling lab-grown diamonds.

Here is the complete guide to lab grown diamonds

How are lab grown diamonds made?

The lab grown diamonds are also cultivated similarly. However, the process of the creation of such gems only takes a few weeks. The process of the creation of the man-made diamond begins with the tiny piece of the gem known as a diamond seed. So when this particular seed is being placed in a sealed condition within a specialized chamber, it mimics the conditions that are required for the creation of the diamond in the earth’s crust. The seeds of the gemstone are being created in the purest carbon form, which gets transformed into the synthetic gemstone, physically and chemically identical to the natural one. Since both types of diamonds comprises of carbon atoms and thus, they have similar chemical as well as optical characteristics. So, the synthetic diamond mimics the characteristics of the natural ones which have been produced by the geographical production process within the earth crust.

Are lab grown diamonds similar to real gems?

Yes, man-made diamonds are similar to real ones. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), this gemstone is considered as the pure crystallized carbon atom as per the isometric cubic system. According to the FTC, both synthetic as well as natural diamonds are possessing similar physical, chemical as well as optical characteristics. So despite origin, any crystallized carbon serves as the diamond gemstone.

Comparison between lab grown diamonds vs natural ones

So, you can learn about lab grown diamonds by drawing a comparison between synthetic and natural gemstones. The man-made gemstone was created by using conditions that mimic the process of the creation of the natural gemstone in the earth’s crust. So, the carbon atom is subjected to the elevated temperature as well as pressure and that within the control environmental conditions. The gemstone that has been pulled from the earth’s crust is being formed in between the time of 1 to 3 billion years. Scientists hold the notion that they are formed from carbon dioxide gas while being exposed to extremely high temperatures as well as pressure. Such type environmental conditions are found around 90 miles beneath the surface of the earth’s crust. Once it has been formed, gemstones were being moved from the core of the earth towards the crust during the volcanic explosions. Choose your favourite lab grown diamond rings.

How much time does it take to grow man-made diamond?

Well, the lab grown diamonds do not take billions of years to be created. They typically take even less than a month for growing. It is the white color diamonds that are taking the longest time to grow.  As the period for growing 1 carat of white color diamond, it is typically more than 2 weeks. As far as the yellow and blue color diamonds are concerned it takes around 5 to 10 days. So, it is extremely important not to rush towards the growing process for the creation of synthetic diamonds. In case of rushing the process of the diamond creation, there will be a fracturing of the crystal.

Less expensive

The man-made diamonds are significant for the low cost, and thus, you can get the desired carat diamond within your budget. The lab grown diamonds are around 40% less costly in comparison to the traditional mined one of similar quality. The price is determined based on the cut, quality, color, clarity as well as carat weight.