Popular Styling Tips For Your Diamond Earrings

Styling Tips To Show Off Your Diamond Earrings

An Introduction To Diamond Earrings

With the ongoing trend of minimal jewelry and stacked ornaments, diamond earrings are getting their spotlight in the mainstream fashion world. Earrings are standalone perfect gift options for yourself as well as a surprise gift for someone you love and admire. By now, we are aware that multiple ear piercings have taken a major uplift in the industry.

There are various ways to style your diamond earrings with numerous patterns and settings to choose from. No matter what you choose, always go for something based on your style. The real struggle with shopping for earrings is that there are multiple options.

Diamond earrings for women have been counted as the second most popular diamond jewelry after engagement rings are the first. People today don’t prefer to wear something trendy; instead, they want to invest in a meaningful purchase that they can wear with comfort. With many earring types available in the market now, one may get overwhelmed and confused. Let us discover different earrings to help you choose the right one for you.

Double Halo Studs with Pink Diamonds

Most Popular Diamond Earring Styles

Are you looking for a beautiful pair of earrings to style with your everyday outfit? Are you not quite sure how to start? We are here to help you answer your questions with this comprehensive guide to buying suitable earrings for yourself or the main woman in your life.

Diamond Studs 

If you are searching to hop into the trend but are a little daunted, why not keep it minimal yet elegant? Studs are one of the staple lab grown diamond earrings that go with everything, are never out of trend, and are the easiest to wear. The first studs were made from precious metal types such as silver and gold but were later replaced by diamonds.

This utterly classic jewelry has a fairly simple design consisting of a diamond, gemstone, or metals that sits on the earlobe like an island. Opt for tiny diamond stud earrings for a completely minimal and timeless style. Choosing studs will perfectly synchronize to provide space between multiple piercings if you have to give you a more creative look.

Hoop Earrings –

Hoop earrings are another classic version with a timeless retro look. They work well when you are looking to stack your earrings for professional attire. Hoops sit fairly closer to the earlobe and are so versatile that one can pair them with any earrings. To add a luxurious touch to the hoops, use plain metal with lab grown diamonds or any colored gemstones.

Huggie hoop diamond earrings are an updated version of the classic hoops. They are a modern take on the classic style. When adorned with diamonds, hoops can be the perfect diamond necklace for girls. Huggie hoops are often thicker than the conventional hoops that hug the earlobe, which is why the name. You can pair thinner hoop earrings to elevate your outfit as they are more reserved and elegant jewelry pieces. If you like to keep it simple, make your hoops the star of the show by adding them in the line and then adorn the rest of your piercings with studs of different sizes.

Diamond Hoop Earrings

Drop Earrings

The earrings below your earlobe and dangle from the ear are called drop earrings. However, the basic drop diamond earrings designs do not move much, unlike the advanced updates of drops.

Most drop earrings are solid and stiff in structure and therefore do not dangle from the ear. There are various drop earring styles, but the basic drops can vary from a couple of centimetres below your earlobe to shoulder length. If the gemstone attached to the drop earring is pear-shaped, it is termed teardrop earrings. Dangle earrings also fall under the category of drop earrings but are far less stiff and bound to sparkle as they move and sway.

Chandelier Earrings

Though chandelier diamond earrings are not meant for everyday use. They are meant for special occasions such as wedding rituals and formal or luxury dinners. These earrings are back with a bang, and everyone is wearing them again. Chandeliers are more feminine and stylish and can be found in a wide assortment of precious metals, textures, and designs.

Hundred of years ago, chandelier earrings were invented in the Middle East; they entered the sovereign of luxury when French designers thought to add diamonds to them. You can easily pair chandelier earrings with a high ponytail or messy bun for a casual look.

Let’s Learn Some Validated Tips To Show Off Your Diamond Earrings

The perfect pair of earrings can not only take your dressing to the next level but also focuses on your face to look more contoured and sculpted. Let us help you put light on some tips while buying earrings or even if you buy earrings online.

Decide on a budget

You must be wondering how much you should spend on diamond earrings? We agree it is never fun to shop on a planned budget, but it is an important factor to consider. A piece of jewelry that holds sentimental value to you and is as eternal as this must be handpicked carefully. Plan on a budget, considering several factors such as size, shape, quality, designs, and settings.

Choose earrings that fit your face 

The shape of your face can portray just how your diamond earrings will draw the right kind of attention. The right ornament can make a wide difference in your appearance and persona.

Opt according to the occasions

Make sure you wear diamond earrings that are appropriate according to the venue and occasion you are attending. For instance, go for a simple stud or drop earrings when it comes to getting ready for the office, as you would not want to feel uncomfortable the whole day. For special occasions, you can switch to chandelier earrings or dangling drops to bring the shine on.

Don’t lean too far from your persona 

It is important to note that selecting things based on your personality is necessary. Whether you hold a feminine or loud personality, it is essential to feel comfortable yet look elegant. With so many options, stick to diamond earrings that are appropriate for your style.

Styles, designs, and settings 

The style, design, and settings play a key role that one might think matters. You can also think of pairing them with other jewelry because one of the most amazing features of diamond earrings is the clear color that makes them match anything. One can style a classic design while experimenting with the setting of prongs and cut of diamonds to give it a touch of customization.

Make sure you choose the right shape and size

There are countless options to choose from; one might get confused and overwhelmed. But it is vitally important to pay attention to the size and shapes of diamond earrings. There is always the right size and shape for every woman out there. Enhance the shape of your face with the right pair of earrings.

There is something unexplainable about the rare beauty of diamond earrings that accounts for the most popular type of jewelry. Every woman, regardless of whether she likes to beautify or not, would have brought a pair of earrings at some point. Best diamond bracelet will always match the level of detailing, depth, and finishing to give a glamorous look. Stefee Jewels offer the latest lab grown diamond earring designs for you to choose from. Our designs and range of collections will surely bring smiles to your loved ones.