Lab grown diamond solitaire necklace is a wonderful option if you want to gift something exceptional to your girlfriend. Diamonds are very costly, but you can customize them when purchasing lab grown diamonds. A diamond solitaire necklace is available in various colors, shapes, cuts, and sizes. We can see a rising trend in lab grown diamonds since they are a more responsible choice and are environmentally friendly.

Picking a lab grown diamond solitaire necklace can seem a daunting task due to the plethora of options available in the market. It is available in so many designs and sizes. This blog will give you a complete idea of how to select the perfect solitaire necklace for your loved ones and make them very so briefly!

Brief introduction to lab-grown diamonds

Lab diamonds are identical to naturally mined diamonds physically, chemically, and optically. The primary difference between lab diamonds and mined diamonds is their origin. A lab grown diamond is produced in labs when carbon dioxide gas is subjected to high pressure. The entire procedure of growing diamonds in a lab occurs at a high temperature. The high temperature and pressure make the carbon atoms bond together in a solid form. This laboratory grown stone is cut and polished. The polished diamond is studded beautifully in a piece of jewelry. There are two ways of growing diamonds in labs – carbon vapor deposition (CVD) and High-pressure High temperature (HPHT).

It is only during recent times that lab diamonds have seen a rising trend in the market. Laboratory grown diamonds are similar to mined diamonds. They both are made of pure carbon and are hard crystals. Mined diamonds were formed under the crust of the earth billions of years ago. High temperature and high pressure were subjected to carbon that formed crystals over time. However, diamonds made in labs form when advanced machines subject a form of carbon to high temperature and pressure. Carbon vapor deposition (CVD) and high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) processes take only a few weeks rather than a billion years and can be made in various sizes and carats. A lab diamond solitaire necklace is your perfect gift choice if you want to gift something extraordinarily valuable to your girlfriend without breaking your bank.

Lab grown diamonds are the perfect choice for a solitaire necklace.

Laboratory grown diamonds are the perfect substitute for naturally mined diamonds. Mined diamonds are similar to lab grown diamonds, but they are more expensive. However, lab grown diamonds are very budget-friendly and within your means. A Lab diamond solitaire necklace looks very posh and grand. It looks exactly like made of natural diamonds and gives a very alluring look. Diamonds are considered a luxurious product and add shine and sparkle to your outfit. A lab diamond solitaire necklace will make you distinguished from everyone in the crowd and make you feel the prettiest!

Factors to consider when buying a solitaire necklace

Lab diamonds come in various shapes and sizes! The most popular shape in a solitaire necklace is a round diamond, but you should know about the availability of other shapes. Also, there are so many metals available. So before choosing the perfect gift for your girlfriend, make sure to keep the following points in mind-

The shape of the diamond

Lab grown diamonds come in so many shapes and sizes. The most sought-after cut in a diamond solitaire necklace is the round cut. The next popular cut is the princess cut. Other diamond cuts such as oval cut, cushion, and emerald are also very popular. The availability of so many shapes and cuts gives you many options to select your most preferable style.

Choice of the metal

At Stefee jewels, we have so many varieties of metals available to select your perfect lab grown diamond necklace. We have yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold metals for your solitaire necklace. White gold adds some more brightness and sparkle to the metal. Rose gold is becoming very popular since its bright rosy hue adds an extra touch of class and sophistication to your solitaire necklace. Yellow gold is one of the oldest metals used in making a solitaire necklace. It is the best metal for a solitaire necklace if one has very sensitive skin.

Length of the solitaire necklace

The length of the lab grown diamond solitaire necklace is an important thing to consider since it affects the overall look of the necklace. A long chain makes a solitaire necklace look elegant and grand, while a shorter chain in a solitaire necklace looks very casual and chic. The length of the necklace also depends on the height of the woman.

Carat of the diamond

Some women prefer a single large stone of lab grown diamonds, or some may prefer a lot of tiny small diamonds. You will have to increase your budget if you go for more carats in your diamond. Extravagant designs of a lab grown diamond solitaire necklace give a magnificent look. For choosing the carat of the diamond, you have to know the recipient of the diamond solitaire necklace. The carat of the lab grown diamond also depends on your budget.

Lab diamond solitaire necklace is the perfect gift for your girlfriend.

A solitaire necklace is famous for its “one-stone” classic design. The design of a solitaire necklace is chic and alluring. It goes with every outfit and can be worn every day. A solitaire necklace gives a very sophisticated look and adds a touch of elegance and superiority. So whether it is your girlfriend’s birthday or anniversary, a lab diamond solitaire necklace is your go-to gift idea to impress your special someone. The design of a solitaire necklace remains in trend all year long and looks very posh and high-toned. So what are you waiting for? Go and purchase your solitaire necklace for your girlfriend today!