Tips To Make Your Lab Grown Diamond Ring Look Bigger

Adding More Sparkle To Your Lab Grown Diamond Ring

It is sometimes better to go big! When it comes to size, bigger is sometimes better and ideal for you. For most of us, diamond size is essential, especially when it comes to engagement rings. When choosing a lab grown diamond ring for an engagement, there are various choices and commutation such as cut, clarity, size, and color. But no matter how big a diamond you select, plenty of tricks can give an illusion of your ring appearing bigger than usual.

Sometimes, we want our center diamond to appear larger than life because it tends to shrink the longer we wear it. However, buying lab grown diamond engagement rings comes with a price tag attached to them. And if that center diamond is preferred to be larger and flashy, then the price can go even higher. Irrespective of a budget, you can still make your lab-grown diamond ring look bigger than ever without the cost of going up in the size of a carat.

When allocating a budget to your diamond ring designs, there are plenty of ideas and ways to bring in the bling and wow factor without paying extra for an increase in carat size. However, it is also vital to understand that not every diamond has the same look and feel. From tactically choosing cuts, shapes, and ring settings, such as choosing thin bands with fewer prongs, we have assembled some of the best ways to maximize the appearance of your Lab grown diamond ring and make it appear blingy and larger.

Circle of Life Ring

Always Opt For Slim & Thinner Bands

As long as you choose a wider band for your diamond wedding rings or any lab grown diamond ring, the center diamond will always appear smaller. On the other hand, choosing diamond solitaire rings with a thinner band will make your center stone appear larger. Choosing a thinner band will automatically enhance the diamond’s brilliance and make it look focused. Also, on a secondary note, thin bands are the next trendsetters these days. It will flaunt your diamond and give an illusion of a diamond being larger. The diameter of a slimmer band that you chose will always make the gemstone look bigger when compared to the diameter of a diamond.

Cluster Ring Tiny Diamonds

Put An End To Biting Your Nails

It might seem funny when you read it. But apart from the jokes, it is true that you surely need to get rid of your habit if you have one. There are many reasons to quit biting your nails, but the most motivating reason above all of the others is it will affect the appearance of your Lab grown diamond ring. More precisely, it will shrink the bling of your diamond.

The more tattered and shorter the nails are, the smaller the diamond will appear unless you have a bigger carat-sized diamond. The fact is longer nails highlight the size of a lab grown diamond ring because they elongate the overall look of your hand, automatically making the diamond appear bigger.

Don’t Go Overboard With The Nail Paints

Yes, you heard it right!

To make your Lab grown diamond ring appear larger than life, you need to tone down your nail polish. The reason is that a diamond ring for women is so special to each of them, but nails are important too. But yes, you can compromise a little with the shades of your nail paints over the bucks you spent on the best diamond rings you chose for life.

Choose soft and neutral colours for your paints; it will flaunt the overall size of your diamond, allowing its natural elegance to pop up and remain focused. On the other hand, vibrant colors such as red and neon tones will clash with your diamond for catching attraction, and the loud hues will always win over. So, make sure to keep your diamond on center stage; all you need to do is choose the wise color of your paints to make your diamond seem larger.

Opt For Shiny Metal Bands

If you choose shiny mirror-like metals such as rings made with platinum or white gold diamond rings, this can adjunct the sparkle of your diamond. When seen from afar, it won’t be easy to figure out where the center diamond ends, and the metal band starts. This feature will lessen the contrast between the metal and the center gemstone, making the two almost consolidate into one. In addition, the white metal acts as a mirror, reflecting onto everyone’s eyes, making the Lab grown diamond ring look bigger. Moreover, opting for metals such as rose gold or yellow will not merge with the diamond, making it stand out from the ring setting.

Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Ring

Surround The Center Stone With Tiny Diamonds

The easiest way to make your chosen Lab grown diamond ring look bigger with plenty of sparkles is a setting that gives an illusion of a larger stone with the centerpiece surrounded by intricate tiny diamonds. Such ring setting is called Halo diamond rings. Tiny pave or even smaller round diamonds surrounding your center diamond will give any lab grown diamond ring the optical mirage of a big diamond.

The ultra-tiny pave diamonds sparkle like no other, and the kind of sparkle they offer empowers your diamond without competing with it. Always choose a halo setting that holds your center diamond slightly up to make it appear bigger and brighter.

-Make A Habit Of Cleaning Your Lab Grown Diamond Ring Regularly.

It is advised to maintain your diamond polished and debris free to keep your diamond cocktail rings sparkling forever. Moreover, the more dazzling and eye-catching your lab-grown diamond is, the bigger the stone will appear. Keeping your center diamond clean can make it look bigger, like the diamond that glitters more gives the hallucination of being bigger. Conversely, a dirty diamond might look dull and consequently smaller in size. The major contribution of a diamond’s spark is its impressive looks and how bigger it appears. So, the best practice is to clean your Lab grown diamond ring regularly to ensure it looks beautiful and bigger for life.

Try Experimenting With Colors

Brides these days are choosing lab grown diamond ring that is lively and more playful rather than traditional couple diamond rings. Also, colored gems appear larger than conventional diamonds. Opting for pale hues will automatically trick the eye and make it look bigger than usual. So, if you want to experiment with something unique to your personality and love being playful then you are a point ahead to make your diamond center stone look bigger.

Yellow rising sun white gold diamond ring

Round And Elongated Diamond Cuts Give A Bigger Illusion

What diamond shape do you think looks bigger irrespective of their carat weight?

Round lab grown diamond ring is surely the answer right. In terms of shapes, round and elongated diamonds look larger than their actual carat weight. The oval and oblong shape tends to appear larger since they are elongated and take up a lot of space on your ring finger. Also, the round cut is not as deep; therefore all the weight of a lab grown diamond ring is reflected in its size. Furthermore, even emerald and marquise cut diamonds also make for a larger appearing stone.

Choose Fewer Prongs

It would help if you always looked for Lab grown diamond rings with fewer prongs. The number of prongs can range from 4 onwards and heading to 6, 8 being the most widely used. Prongs are generally metal claws holding the diamond in a place, acting as fingers. The visibility of your diamond will decrease with more prongs holding your diamond. Though it may be true that the higher the number of prongs fixed in a lab grown diamond jewelry, the more securely and safely the diamond is held on the ring.

More prongs will reduce the amount of light reflected, thereby decreasing the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. So, if you are searching to maximize the size of your center diamond, always opt for fewer prongs and also slim prongs that will distract people’s eyes from the bling.

Try Non-Traditional Shapes

Diamond shoppers always prefer their Lab grown diamond ring in a round shape. The reason is that the most traditional cut passed on from generations is the round cut. However, diamond enthusiasts love considering fancy shapes such as pear, emerald, oval, or Asscher these days. The main reason that will flaunt your diamond appearance is the shallow cuts that fancy shapes have, which will give more surface to your diamond stone, making it look bigger and larger. Also, practical reasons to opt for non-traditional diamond shapes is that they are generally more cost-effective than the conventional shapes, which means you may be able to buy a larger carat weight for your Lab grown diamond ring without going over your budget.

Pear Shaped with Round Clustered Diamonds