The Hype About Celebrity Engagement Rings

Some women can actually have all their dreams come true. They really have it all, from perfect sparkling rocks on their fingers to desirable proposals and dream weddings! The popularity of social media platforms has allowed us to know every minute detail of our favorite celebrity couples. We can know everything from their lavish wedding celebrations to their partner’s huge engagement rings bestowed upon them. Celebrities influence people in every aspect of their lives. Common people depend on them to introduce new trends and fashion to society. Thus, if you want to look for the perfect diamond ring for your lady, you can check out the rings worn by popular divas in the industry.

Many A-lister celebrities update their fans about their relationship status via Instagram. The use of social media has become so prominent that posting a picture of an engagement ring is considered to make things official. From Kim Kardashian’s 15-carat ring to Deepika Padukone’s cushion cut ring, celebrities make sure that they wear lab grown diamond engagement rings on their big day. In addition, they make sure that they look like a princess and stand out from everyone. So if you are looking for some inspiration for your dream wedding ring, you have come to the right place! The blog will take you on a unique journey of some of the famous rings worn by our favorite celebrities in the industry.

Your Favorite Celebrities’ Engagement Rings Design

We all know that diamonds have been a popular trend among our favorite stars and common people. Romantic movies and plays have inculcated in our minds that without diamond engagement rings, a proposal remains incomplete. And who else can be a better representation of this very culture than our popular divas of the fashion industry?

When popular stars from the fashion and music industry decide to get hitched, they make sure they do it in style. As a result, the buzz around their wedding seems perfect, right from their guest list to the couple’s engagement rings.

Let us check out some of the popular engagement rings worn by your favorite celebrities!

Asin Thottumkal

During Salman Khan’s birthday party, Bollywood actress Asin Thottumkal was spotted wearing her engagement ring. The estimated value of the ring is supposed to be INR 6 Crores. Her common designer friend made the design of the ring. It is a 20-carat solitaire engagement ring wherein the beautiful solitaire stone was specially imported from Belgium. The ring also contains a monogram of Asin’s and Rahul’s initials (AR). Also, Rahul has a personalized message carved on it for her beautiful wife.

Kim Kardashian

In 2013, when Kanye West popped the question to the beautiful Kim Kardashian, he presented his star lady love with a cushion-cut diamond engagement ring. The diamond ring was made by Lorraine Schwartz and approximately cost around a whopping INR 15 Crore. Sadly, this beautiful power couple called it quit in 2021.

Aishwarya Rai

Everyone is well-aware of the gorgeous beauty of the diva of Bollywood, Aishwarya Rai. When she married Abhishek Bachchan, son of the legendary actor Mr Amitabh Bachchan, she became the talk of the town and overseas. Abhishek Bachchan presented his lady love with a 53-carat solitaire diamond ring. I mean, she obviously deserves this! The former Miss World is our nation’s treasure. The design of the grand yet simple engagement rings always stand out in the crowd, and Mrs Rai’s ring is the epitome of this very philosophy.

Mariah Carey

Mimi, Oh my! The famous superstar got engaged to James Packer, an Australian billionaire in 2016. James presented Carey with a 35-carat emerald engagement ring, which cost around INR 77 Crores! Celebrity engagement rings have always been the talk of the town, and this elegant emerald cut ring is no exception from this. However, this cute Couple later broke off their engagement after a year, wherein Mariah sold off the ring at an estimated price of INR 16 Crores!

Kate Middleton

In 2010, Prince Willian presented Kate Middleton, the future Duchess of Cambridge, with a sapphire wedding ring that the late Princess Diana once owned. Engagement rings for women-owned by the royal family are very unique and exquisite in design. The famous Garrard designed the royal sapphire ring, a 12-carat center stone bordered by a halo of 14 diamonds. The distinguished design of the ring makes Kate Middleton look charismatic and charming.

Shilpa Shetty

An evergreen beauty like Shilpa Shetty is one of the gorgeous divas of Bollywood.Thus, she wears a diamond ring as elegant and glamorous as herself. Business tycoon Raj Kundra proposed to her lady love with a 20-carat round engagement ring. Round engagement rings are very popular in design and are always in trend and fashion. The ring presented to Shilpa Shetty is supposed to be worth INR 3 Crores!

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are the cutest couples in the industry! This powerful couple got married in an intimate ceremony in 2018 among their friends and family. But you must have missed out on the glamorous ring on the finger of the 34-year-old star! The Bajirao Mastaani actress was bestowed with a rectangle solitaire diamond ring studded in platinum. Engagement rings worn by such A-lister stars often set the trend in the market, and this unique design is no exception. As per reports, the beautiful rock is worth somewhere around INR 1.3 to 2.7 Crores!

Priyanka Chopra

After dating for less than a year, our very own Desi Girl got married to American singer Nick Jonas in a massive wedding. The couple bought themselves a new house after the wedding. PC gifted Nick Jonas with a puppy, whereas Nick gifted her a car and a snowmobile. However, no gift (obviously, except the puppy!) would be as good as Tiffany’s diamond on Priyanka’s finger. Her cushion-cut diamond engagement ring is studded in platinum with a tiny baguette diamond on the sides. Celebrity engagement rings are obviously expensive, and PC’s ring is not left behind in the race! Her ring is worth almost INR 2.1 Crores!

Meghan Markle

The “Suits” actor Meghan Markle got married to Prince Harry in 2017. The Prince presented the Duchess of Sussex with a three-stone diamond ring studded in a yellow gold band. The royal family maintains their tradition regarding engagement rings generation after generation. Therefore, the ring chosen by Prince Harry, where a large center stone has two adjacent smaller stones, is from Princess Di’s personal collection.

Anushka Sharma

When Anushka Sharma married the former Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli in 2017, the first celebrity wedding made us all starry-eyed. This dream power couple got married in Italy in an intimate ceremony. Everything from their venue to their pictures was dreamy and straight out of a fairytale. However, the one thing that stood out in this dream wedding was her ring which reportedly cost the cricketer INR 1 Crore! And you know the special part? The ring reflects unique elements when it is looked at from different angles. Engagement rings are something that a girl dreams of preserving forever, and with an extraordinary ring like this, we believe Anushka is one lucky girl!

Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly presented Megan fox with a beautiful Toi Et Moi Ring. This symbolic ring is very unique engagement rings designs, where the two stones are pear-shaped. Engagement rings become more romantic when they have some deep meaning or symbol. Machine Gun Kelly left no stones turned to make Megan Fox feel like the luckiest in the world! The two pear-shaped stones consist of their birthstones; emerald for the actress and diamond for the rockstar.

Gwen Stefani

The bling and glamour in the Gwen Stefani ring is B-A-N-A-N-A-S! When Blake Shelton proposed to the No Doubt rocker with a giant ring weighing around 6-9 carats, the world could not stop gushing over this cute couple! Engagement rings that shine and sparkle add a touch of extravagance to the ring. Shelton customized the emerald-cut diamond ring with two smaller gemstones for her beloved lady. Expert gemologists suggest that the ring could easily be worth INR 38 Crores!

One should choose Engagement rings very carefully as they are memorabilia for a lifetime! Your girl will always remember the deep love and commitment you have for her whenever she looks at her ring. You are supposed to start your married life on a perfect note by choosing the most appropriate ring for your partner. So if you are confused about the type of ring you should select for your partner, take inspiration from these celebrities! The famous stars and divas set the trend for almost every little thing, and lab grown diamond rings are not left behind in the race. Choose from these designs if your beloved partner loves following the trend and always wants to amp up her fashion game. They all are very glamorous, spectacular, and look very stunning!