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GIA and IGI Certified Lab Grown Diamonds

Let's be honest: Whether you are a diamond lover or not, the sparkle and shine of a traditional or lab-created diamond captivates everyone. But have you ever wondered, without a reliable diamond institute, the prices of lab diamonds would have fluctuated as per the seller's mood? Moreover, anyone would have sold a fake diamond without providing authentic proof of its originality.

For these reasons, we have lab-grown diamond evaluation bodies. However, there are many institutes worldwide. Two of them are reputed and trusted: the GIA and the IGI. You must have come across the terms IGI-certified diamonds or GIA for diamonds. Now, let's read more about them.

What is the GIA and the IGI?

GIA and IGI, the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemological Institute, respectively, are not just any laboratories. They are globally recognised and trusted for conducting thorough research, examination, and testing on lab-grown diamonds to provide an exact value and certification for lab diamonds.

Whether you choose GIA-certified lab-grown diamonds or IGI-certified lab-grown diamonds, you are making a wise investment. Rest assured that you will receive premium quality jewels at the exact market value and with complete transparency, thanks to the rigorous standards and credibility of GIA and IGI certifications.

Why? Both these institutes are entrusted to provide honest certification for every lab diamond gemstone. The GIA and IGI are non-profit organisations established to save the interests of diamond buyers and jewellers.

You can rely on lab-grown GIA-certified diamonds and IGI Lab-grown diamonds to receive impartial grading without providing false grading to increase prices and bring market volatility. Unlike other less-renowned grading institutes, GIA and IGI conduct multiple testing rounds by experienced professionals and lab experts.

What are Lab-Grown Diamond Certificates?

Lab-grown diamond certificates are official documents provided by reputable gemological laboratories (GIA and IGI) that verify the characteristics and quality of lab-grown diamonds. These certificates, also known as grading reports, provide the following information:

  1. Origin: The certificate confirms that the diamond is lab-grown rather than natural.

  2. Quality: It evaluates the lab diamond's quality based on standardised criteria such as the 4Cs (Carat weight, Cut, Color, Clarity).

  3. Details: The certificate includes detailed information about the diamond's characteristics, including measurements, proportions, inclusions, and other identifying features.

  4. Certification: The grading report lets one understand whether a lab diamond is GIA-certified or IGI-certified.

How do GIA and IGI grade Lab-Grown Diamonds?

The grading institutes provide a certification to lab diamonds based on the 4C's:

  1. Colour: Lab-grown diamonds are graded on a scale of "D" to "Z." The rating ranges from colourless (transparent) diamonds to light yellow-coloured lab-grown diamonds.
  2. Cut: This criterion evaluates a lab-grown diamond's symmetry, polish, and proportions. A well-cut diamond is rated on its brilliance and shape.
  3. Clarity: The internal and external inclusions or blemishes are evaluated here. The fewer the flaws, the better the rating.
  4. Carat: This factor provides a rating based on the synthetic diamonds' weight and size. 1 carat lab-grown diamonds weighs 200 milligrams.

GIA vs IGI: Which is Better?

  1. Global Recognition: GIA holds unparalleled worldwide recognition and prestige in the gemological industry. It is considered a benchmark for quality lab diamond assessment with accuracy. On the other hand, IGI also maintains a strong international presence. But, it may not have the same prestige level as GIA in all markets.

  2. Grading Standards: GIA is well-known for its meticulous grading criteria, providing consistent and detailed evaluations of the 4Cs. The institute's reports are thorough and methodical. A GIA lab diamond certification ensures each diamond meets stringent quality standards. IGI also offers comprehensive grading reports but may be slightly more lenient in grading standards than GIA.

  3. Market Influence: Lab-grown GIA-certified diamonds enjoy enhanced market acceptance and perceived value due to the institute's esteemed reputation. GIA's grading reports are universally respected, influencing market prices and consumer preferences worldwide. IGI lab-grown diamond certificates are also valued for their credible grading assessment procedures.

  4. Efficiency and Turnaround Time:  IGI is known for its efficient certification processes and quicker turnaround times compared to GIA. GIA is meticulous in its evaluation process and may have longer processing times due to its rigorous grading procedures and high demand for certification services.

Overall, GIA lab created diamonds are preferred over IGI.

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