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Lab Grown Diamond Shape

What is a Lab-Grown Diamond Shape?

Whether a naturally grown diamond or a synthetic diamond manufactured in a lab, these gemstones are available in raw and organic form. They are later cut with precision using the finest technology into shapes that we love and adorn.

In more technical terms, a lab-grown diamond's shape refers to the specific geometric form and faceting style that it is cut into. From the classic round brilliant to the modern princess cut, the shape of a lab-grown diamond showcases the variety and innovation in the world of gemstones.

Each shape is meticulously produced to cater to the diverse preferences of diamond enthusiasts.

Why is the Shape of a Diamond Important?

  • Aesthetics: The shape of a diamond determines its overall look and style. Different lab diamond shapes suit varied luxurious tastes and preferences of people.

  • Radiance: The shape influences how light is reflected, refracted and dispersed within the diamond. It helps in understanding the shine of the diamond.

  • Size: Different shapes can make diamonds of the same carat weight appear larger or smaller. For example, an oval or pear-shaped lab diamond appears larger than a round or square diamond despite the same carat weight due to its elongated shape.

  • Durability: Some shapes are more durable than others. Diamond shapes with pointed corners are more prone to chipping than shapes with rounded edges, making them durable for everyday wear.

  • Appearance: A diamond's shape also helps decide how it looks on the wearer's finger, giving a sophisticated and individualistic appeal.

Let's look at some of the popular lab-grown diamond shapes.

Lab-Grown Diamond Shapes

  1. Round Brilliant Lab-Grown Diamond Shape: The round brilliant diamond is the most popular and widely recognised shape. Its circular form with 58 facets is designed to maximise light reflection, resulting in exceptional brilliance. This shaped diamond is a classic choice that suits almost every jewellery piece.

  2. Princess Lab-Grown Diamond Shape: The princess cut is a modern and elegant diamond shape. It features a square shape with pointed corners and 49 to 144 intricate facets. Similar to the round brilliant shape, it exhibits a high degree of sparkle. This shape is most suited for engagement and proposal rings.

  3. Emerald Lab-Grown Diamond Shape: The emerald diamond has a unique rectangular outline with step-cut facets. The emerald cut is a sophisticated diamond shape with exceptional clarity and shine. It is ideal for those who want a subtle yet striking look.

  4. Cushion Lab-Grown Diamond Shape: The cushion shape, also known as a pillow-cut lab diamond, has a vintage charm with a modern glimmer. It is available in square or rectangular shape with rounded corners and larger facets, giving it a soft and romantic appeal.

  5. Oval Lab-Grown Diamond Shape: The oval cut is an elongated version of the round brilliant and has 56 facets. The stone's shape and cutting style make it appear larger than its actual carat weight. This unusual diamond shape is a preferred choice for rings and bracelets.

  6. Radiant Lab-Grown Diamond Shape: The radiant is a 70-facet lab-grown diamond shape that combines the elegance and brilliance of an emerald and round shape, respectively. The trimmed corners of the radiant shape make this shape versatile and durable.

  7. Heart Lab-Grown Diamond Shape: The heart-shaped lab-grown diamond is a romantic and symbolic cut precisely crafted to represent love and affection. Its modified cut provides extreme shine and sparkle with limited inclusions. The distinguished shape is mainly preferred for pendants and rings.

  8. Pear Lab-Grown Diamond Shape: The pear shape, also known as a teardrop, combines the elements of a marquise and an oval cut. It has a single pointed end and rounded base that creates a mix of traditional and contemporary diamond shape styles.

  9. Marquise Lab-Grown Diamond Shape: The marquise is a visually appealing and distinctive lab diamond shape with an elongated form and pointed ends. This shape is often confused with an oval shape but is more of a boat-shaped lab diamond. The long ends of this shape make the fingers appear slender when worn.
Asscher Lab-Grown Diamond Shape: The Asscher cut is a square diamond with a high crown and large step facets. It is almost identical to the emerald shape. However, it has a square outline.