Picture this: a woman adorned in lab-grown diamond jewelry

Do you recognize this woman, this can be you or your mother, daughter, sister, wife, maybe your would-be wife, or someone whom you adore.

Each piece of jewelry she wears carries the stories of families, connecting individuals with their roots and traditions. While gold jewelry is part of everyday life, having diamond jewelry is like having something truly special. Diamonds, with their timeless elegance and grandeur, hold a unique place in people's hearts.

But stop here, these are not real Diamonds.

How do you feel now, does it make any difference to the beauty you have adorned before a few seconds, to the beauty in the picture, to the image of your loved ones inside of your mind?

If yes, does it matter which diamonds are they?

or if not what if your love is in the frame?

When we see faces who are leaving the space just because of the cost affairs of budget or the need to fit into the budget, we find the need for something easy to fulfil.

Every day we find Lots of similar cases with the same but here we have solutions for them, The lab-grown Diamonds.

But again, your mind says stop what it is and why it is at low budget range???

As with many you might also have some questions, so let’s explore every question with our experts at Stafee Jewels who create and are experienced in this Lab-grown diamond jewelry.

Are these Lab Grown Diamonds real authentic diamonds?

Yes. The lab-grown diamonds are real, and they are created in the lab with the exact chemical and physical properties of real diamonds. They also have similar shapes, sizes colors, and clarity grades just like natural diamonds. Adding on this Lab lab-grown diamonds are available with the Certification for their authenticity.

But how are they formed or produced?

Natural diamonds are formed naturally like the old recipes from your grandma, slow-cooked and seasoned with exact time, temperature, and flavors within the earth’s mantle over millions to billions of years under high pressure and temperature. It takes a lot of years to take the processes of natural volcanic eruptions and other geological processes that help them to build on.

The lab-grown diamonds are like the instant noodle’s version, quick but just as good as are created in controlled laboratory environments like test tube babies using various methods such as High-pressure temperature or chemical vapor depositions. These are the supportive atmospheres that stimulate the conditions under which natural diamonds are generated.

Does the procedure of making Lab-grown Diamonds cause any environmental Impact?

Absolutely No.

Well, the main reason for the origin of lab-grown diamonds is Natural’s diamond’s environmental impact and social consequences in habitat disruption and issues about human rights.

While lab-grown diamonds are created under controlled laboratory it is considered more environment friendly and have almost zero ecological and environmental impacts.

So, if you are nature savvy always choose lab-grown diamonds only.

And what about inclusions and Impurities?

As Natural diamonds are grown naturally under the earth’s structure, it has higher inclusions and impurities compared to Lab-grown diamonds, but overall, the real characteristics of a diamond are characterized by its cut and clarity only. So, it’s tough to see any inclusions and impurities in any of them. The main benefit of Lab-grown diamonds is their controlled temperature and pressure, which gives them the best shapes, sizes, colors, and clarity grades in a better way than the Natural Diamonds.

But why Grown Diamonds are at a lower Cost?

Natural diamonds are grown under the earth’s crust after millions or billions of years to reveal their brilliance while these Lab lab-grown diamonds are grown in a Controlled environment with the best technology and at a faster speed, they're made quicker, so they usually come with a smaller bill. It's like getting the fancy stuff without burning a hole in your wallet. It’s like saying, "Same diamond, different kitchen."

But will these Diamonds last for longer?

As long as they are well maintained and cared for properly Lab Grown Diamonds like Natural diamonds are extremely durable and last indefinitely with proper care. Lab-grown diamonds jewellery are composed of carbon atoms arranged in specific formations making them more resistant and scratch-proof.

Are there different Sizes, Shapes, and Colors of Lab Grown Diamonds?

Yes. Lab Grown Diamonds has a variety of options like Natural diamonds. Many specific Natural diamonds stick to the classics, like Bollywood oldies but Lab-grown diamonds are like the new age remix – you get them in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It's like a diamond rainbow, you can customise also based on your choices and individual preferences.

So, what are you waiting for??

If you think of the little expense and more luxury in sustainable choice you are at the right place.

We know there are still stigmas associated with the market for lab-grown diamonds but given their cost and affordability people nowadays are more interested in buying Lab lab-grown diamonds only.

For more details and deep inside about the Lab Grown Diamond, read our next blog Comprehensive guide of Lab Grown Diamond and here you can find A to Z details about it.

It is like test tube babies and naturally conceived babies, both are similar, but hard to find the differences between So do not wait, come to us and clear your doubt with our expert of Lab Grown Diamonds. You are always in safe Hands.

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