Your Comprehensive Guide to Lab-Grown Diamonds

Now these means you have to decided to check more about the Lab Grown Diamonds, right? so let me ask you the first question?

Can you identify the difference between normal child and test tube child?


No, you not identify the difference between normal child and test tube child.

Similar way You cannot identify the difference between Natural diamond or Lab grown diamonds.

Well both the questions have one thing common, the size, shape and colour with clarity all are such way managed and organized in one structure that its difficult to identify what is man mad and what is the Lab grown.

Similar way like a test tube babies and the naturally conceived child, the lab grown diamonds are known as synthetic diamonds, man-made diamonds or lab created diamonds but its very tough to recognize the authenticity as both has similar aesthetic appeal and intrinsic values.

But due to those intricacies only most of the buyers are under confusion and dilemma about the misinformation as well as conflicting markets of Lab grown diamonds.

So, here is a comprehensive guide to lab grown Diamonds from our experts.

How the Lab Grown Diamonds are made?

Lab grown diamonds are first created in the laboratory around early 1950s, by H. Tracy Hall, a General Electric chemist. Its mainly invented the first reproducible process to make lab diamonds. As such this lab grown diamonds was made for the use of physicist, alchemists, chemists, and other interested parties only, but later on based on the processes evolved it becomes what they are today.

With the help of technology and good production capabilities the lab grown diamonds are now available up to 12 carats for used in engagement rings. Now a days the quality of Lab grown diamond is as good as Natural diamonds and sometimes more better options also available in the wide range of color, clarity and cuts with great quality and specification.

What is the process of Production of Lab Grown Diamonds?

The Lab Grown Diamonds are made in the laboratory with the exact conditions that requires to create the Natural diamond under the mother earth.

Lab diamonds are created in a lab, that exposes a diamond seed to the same conditions required for its natural counterpart to grow under mother earth. There are mainly two methods are used. One is High pressure High temperature (HPHT and other one is Chemical vapour Depositions (CVD). It may take 2 weeks to months of time to create this Lab grown diamond. Also, this timeline differs based on the structure and strain or design and shape they want to create in the Lab.

Quality of Lab Grown Diamonds:

This Lab Grown Diamonds possess almost all the characteristics of the Natural diamonds like size based on the reequipments, colours and shapes to fit the needs of the jewelry. The overall quality concerns in the Lab Grown Diamonds are centred around transparency and unique feature that termed as Blue Nuance, that is created by its processing methods, but again it’s tough to check it with open eyes as well as by lay man. The authenticity of the Lab Grown Diamonds or Natural Diamonds can only be verified by the Gemmological reports only.

Lab Grown Diamonds are real Diamonds only:

Yes, lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds. They have the same chemical composition (carbon atoms arranged in a crystal lattice) and physical properties as natural diamonds.

You cannot identify the difference between Lab Grown Diamonds and Real Diamonds only with the help of Certified labs only you can check the reality of the diamonds and the characteristics they own.

Price of the Lab Grown Diamonds:

Depending on the process of generation of Lab Grown Diamonds, they are 60 % lower than the real ones. As merchant we do not want you to take wrong decision and also not wants you to spend more money on the things that don’t matter a lot.

The most needed characteristic in any diamond is cut, color, clarity and carat, and this all are available in the Lab Grown Diamond but based on the generation process only they differ, as one grown naturally and one grows at laboratory.

So that increases its prices. As a result, the residual value of Lab Grown Diamonds is very low, but for those buyers for whom the price matters a lot We always recommend a buyer to buy GIA and AGS certified Lab Grown Diamonds only as they are created in our Labs and in house only.

We believe in the emotions and needs of buying diamonds and after that the most bought Diamonds are going to the lockers or safe lock only so we suggest and recommend our customers to not to spend money on the things which not matters a lot.

What can be influential factor for the price of Lab Grown Diamonds?

Market trends, consumer preferences and technological advancement are the three things that can be influential factor for the lab Grown Diamonds. As now a days sustainability becomes a major influential factor the lab grown diamond is defiantly going to rise with positivity.

Are Lab grown Diamonds are more off ethical and sustaible diamond in a trend

Yes, Because of the generation process of Lab Grown Diamonds the Diamonds are called as best options for those who believes in being socially responsible person with usage of sustainable and ethical products. Also, Lab Grown Diamond do not involve environmentally disruptive mining practices which may cause issues related to unethical labor or child labor.

Can lab-grown diamonds be used for engagement rings and jewelry?

Absolutely yes! Lab-grown diamonds are popular choices for engagement rings and all types of jewelry. They offer the same brilliance and beauty as natural diamonds, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities.

Should I Buy a Lab Grown Diamond for my Marriage or Engagement Rings and other jewelry?

Off course yes, The Lab Grown Diamonds are poplar choices for any types of jewellery for all the types of occasions. Also, like Natural Diamonds this diamond has similar properties it can be fit into any type of design and brilliance.

Why you must buy the Lab Grown Diamonds:

In essence, the emergence of lab-grown diamonds represents a transformative force in the jewelry market, offering a compelling blend of technological innovation, sustainability, and timeless elegance. For potential buyers, this translates into a clear advantage – an opportunity to invest in an industry poised for significant growth, driven by ethical practices and affordability. Opting for lab-grown diamonds not only aligns with conscientious consumer values by avoiding humanitarian concerns associated with traditional diamond mining but also contributes to a smaller environmental footprint. In choosing lab-grown diamonds, buyers choose a forward-thinking and responsible approach to luxury, where the allure of diamonds harmonizes seamlessly with ethical and economic considerations.

In conclusion, this guide extends beyond the technical aspects, shedding light on the ethical considerations arising from the creation of Natural diamonds. So, by presenting a balanced perspective on social responsibility in both man-made and natural diamonds, we try to equip buyers with the insights needed to make informed and conscientious decisions. We think this guide will gives your knowledge a firm decision to buy the Lab Grown Diamond by making informed choices that aligned with your desires and budgets. Have any other questions regarding Lab Grown Diamonds? drop us a message and we will get back to you with right answers soon.

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